Other Counselling Resources

Self-care tips from George Brown counsellors during COVID-19

More Resources

Here are several other resources available that will allow you to communicate with someone by voice, text, or video:

  • TogetherAll is a safe peer-to-peer mental health community that is accessible online 24/7. It’s FREE for all students and staff. In a time in which social isolation, loneliness and anxiety are already increasing mental health issues, COVID-19 is creating additional challenges. Members can share feelings and concerns with each other while underpinned by their team of clinicians who are experienced in and prepared to provide health anxiety support. During uncertain times, we must come together as a community. Find support right now at TogetherAll.
  • Real Campus offers both free on-demand and on-going counselling as well as free financial, legal, nutritional, or career advising to students enrolled in the health insurance program. Visit https://realcampus.ca/georgebrown/ for support or call 1-877-390-7325.