About Clinical Pre-Placement Office

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The Clinical Pre-placement Office administers all of the Community Services and Health Sciences (CSHS) students pre-placement health form process by providing excellent customer service to support and guide our students for the following reasons:

  • To ensure the health & safety of the students, patients, staff and clients at the placement agency
  • To meet the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) and Ontario Medical Association (OMA) Communicable Disease Guidelines
  • To meet the academic program requirements for clinical/field placement with vulnerable people
  • To meet the hospitals, schools and other placement agency policies & requirements

George Brown College specifies certain medical and non-medical requirements for those students who are entering into a clinical placement or practice setting in the School of Social & Community Services, School of Dental Health, School of Health & Wellness, School of Health Services Management, Sally Horsfall Eaton School of Nursing and Continuing Education programs. Program policies were developed by George Brown College, to meet the requirements of our students' placement settings.  This process is necessary to ensure that our students protect their health and safety, and the health and safety of patients, visitors, employees, and other students.

George Brown College, in cooperation with all of the Regional Police Service and RCMP, conducts the required vulnerable sector police record check screenings for our students on behalf of the College, prior to having our student direct contact with children or vulnerable people. Without a satisfactory vulnerable sector police record, our students may not be allowed to participate in practicum assignments.

George Brown College has retained Registered Nurse services through ParaMed Extendicare. ParaMed provides a counselling service and reviews all of our Community Services and Health Sciences (CSHS) students confidential Clinical Pre-placement Health Form and supporting documents to ensure they are cleared from the academic program requirements and eligible to attend clinical or field placement. The costs associated to complete all the health form requirements and Paramed services fees are to be borne by the student.