Academic Upgrading: Get ready for post‑secondary

Get the confidence and skills you need to succeed.

Not everyone takes the same educational path. That’s why we have many options to help you reach your goals –including online learning, in-person workshops, and full-time programs. Our courses are flexible and tuition-free.

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If you’re thinking about college but are not sure how to get started or which programs may be the right fit for you, consider our 1-week CHOICES program.

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For Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing Students

Classes offered to Deaf and Hard of Hearing students in American Sign Language to improve your English, math and ASL to prepare for post-secondary and employment success.

Degree Program Applicants

For applicants missing some University Level (U-Level) credits, we offer bridging programs to gain the required courses to enter a George Brown degree program.

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Mature Students Assessment Preparation (MSAP)

We offer a unique 3-week program to prepare for your mature student assessment test before you start your post-secondary program.

Placement Test Assessment Preparation (PTAP)

You have been ACCEPTED into a post-secondary program at George Brown College and you’ve been informed that you need to write a math placement test. Join our free Math Placement Test Assessment Preparation Test before you write your placement test.

Free classes are offered on weekends at our St James Campus.