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George Brown College is a community that prides itself on its rich diversity and multiculturalism. George Brown is committed to providing quiet Reflection Rooms at each of the main campuses as spaces for students and staff that is conducive to individual needs for quiet reflection, meditation, calm, spirituality or individual prayer.

Guidelines for Reflection Room

  1. The Reflection Room is provided for the use of George Brown College students and staff for individual reflection, meditation, rest or prayer.
  2. The room is not to be used for lounging, discussion groups, meetings or any other purposes not conducive to individual quiet reflection.
  3. The use of fire within the rooms is strictly prohibited.
  4. No food or drink is permitted within the Reflection Rooms.
  5. Patrons may remove shoes and place any personal belongings along the wall of the room while using the space. No personal items are to be stored in the room when the patron is not present.
  6. Any personal items left in the room will be removed daily and given to the lost and found.
  7. Any repeat misuse of the space may result in privileges being revoked.
  8. Absolutely no posting of any material is permitted.
  9. No literature may be distributed, posted or left in the room. Any materials left in the room will be discarded immediately.
  10. George Brown College may post notices from time to time to enforce these guidelines.
  11. No markings, icons or religious materials of any kind may be left in the room. The college has provided cabinets within the room to store personal items such as prayer rugs or reading materials.
  12. The room is not available for group bookings, meetings or gatherings. The college has a room booking policy for officially registered and recognized student groups through the Student Association.
  13. Absolutely no solicitation of other students or staff is permitted. Peer interaction or discussion should be taken to a public area so that patrons are not interrupted from quiet reflection.
  14. The college reserves the right to:
    • Amend, modify or change these guidelines as needed.
    • Monitor the space and make changes to the layout at its sole discretion.
    • Revoke user privileges at its sole discretion for any violation of the guidelines or misuse of the room.

We ask that all room users respect these guidelines and the rights of individuals to engage in quiet reflection undisturbed.

Connect with our Welcome Desk teams in the main lobby of each building to share your concerns or questions, or email the Student Life team at


St James Campus, A Building, Room B125 (rear of the cafeteria)
Casa Loma Campus, C Building, Rooms C413, C413A, C413B)
Waterfront Campus, Room 029