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We understand that everyone learns differently. Come to the TLC for English, Math, Accounting, Health Sciences, Software Proficiency, and other learning support through tutoring, workshops, and resources.

At the Tutoring and Learning Centre, we have a variety of academic learning supports to help you navigate your journey at George Brown College. Check out our services and contact us for more information or assistance.

A closeup of a female student and a tutor sitting together in the Tutoring and Learning Centre. The student is listening to the tutor and smiling.

The Tutoring and Learning Centre (TLC) is an academic service supporting students in developing core academic skills. 

Learn about the benefits of tutoring and how to book.

A tutor smiling in the Tutoring and Learning Centre

If you have strong academic skills, a passion for learning and the patience to help others learn, you may be interested in becoming a Peer Tutor at the TLC.

A female student pulling out articles from the Tutoring and Learning Centre resource centre

Here you can find extra materials to help you develop your skills.

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Student Testimonial

I am grateful for the help that I’ve received from the TLC. I visit all the time for assistance with my assignments and just for practice. My grades have reflected my many visits to TLC. I will continue to use this program because it not only helps me with assignments, it also encourages me to do my best in my course.