Putting Thoughts on Trial

Join counsellor Natasha Bowman as she shares cognitive behavioural therapeutic (CBT) strategies for challenging and reframing unhelpful thoughts.

Mindfulness: Breathing & Other Simple Practices to Reduce Stress

Join counsellor Nadia Stolpner as she explores ways to reduce stress using simple breathing and other day-to-day mindfulness practices.

Feeling Lonely? You’re not Alone – Learning Ways of Increasing Your Social Connection

Join counsellors Jeremy Jacob and Geneviève Beaupré as they explore ways to manage during times of loneliness. They will provide helpful strategies and resources on how to increase social connection.

Better Sleep

Join counsellors Natasha Bowman and Robert Malowany as they explore helpful ways to maintain regular sleep routines.

Mindful Walking

Join counsellor Heidi Mehta as she introduces us to mindful walking and practicing awareness during busy times.

Healthy Relationships

Join counsellor Constantine Cabarios as he discusses different kinds of relationships (e.g. romantic or sexual, professional or personal, family and friendships, etc.) and how they may impact students' emotional well-being. We will explore areas (like boundaries, conflict and communication) that can challenge healthy relationships.

Healthy Relationships Transcript

Meditation: Awareness of Body and Breath

Join counsellor Nadia Stolpner as she shares simple meditation practices of body and breath awareness to feel more relaxed and present.

Meditation: Awareness of Body & Breath Transcript


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