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Welcome to Let's Talk Podcast

Every month our diverse and dedicated group of counsellors will aim to provide you with helpful tips and topical information related to student well-being and holistic living. We will be covering themes that are relevant, timely and topical to students - like you! We will be discussing a range of topics and have interesting guests from the GBC community, as well as other professionals, contribute their knowledge and expertise in the topics that you may find useful. So look out for our announcements every semester and join us!

Where to listen

You'll find us on Anchor, Spotify, PocketCasts, RadioPublic, Google Podcasts and more!

How to contact us

If you have any questions and feedback on the podcast and future episodes or wish to book an appointment with counsellors, please drop us a line at letstalk@georgebrown.ca.

GBC podcast cover art courtesy: Marisol Escobar

Episode 1

Meet the Team!

Join Lavlet Forde as she chats with fellow counsellors Pablo Gonzalez, Heidi Mehta, Aarti Dhanda and Constantine Cabarios about starting this brand new podcast and what they hope to offer the GBC community.

Episode 5

Perfectionism & Procrastination

Join Counsellors Aarti Dhanda and Pablo Gonzalez as they explore two sides of the same coin. Feelings of judgement, vulnerability, shame, guilt, and more are covered.

Episode 7

Moving through grief

Counsellors Aarti Dhanda and Pablo Gonzalez  reflect on grief and loss, one year later after the pandemic.

Episode 8

Sex?! It's a bit complicated right now!

Counsellor Constantine Cabarios chats with psychotherapist Kat Kova about the general connections between sexuality, relationships and mental health during uncertain times. Contact the Sexual Health Info Line at 1-800-668-2437 or visit sexualhealthontario for helpful information.