I want to transfer credits within George Brown College

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Looking to transfer between programs at George Brown College?

Find out how your credits from one George Brown program can be applied to another George Brown program.

Choose between the options below:

1. Transfer Credits

If you are currently or were previously in a full-time program or have taken Continuing Education courses, you may be able to use these credits towards a new program.

To determine whether your credits are eligible for internal transfer:

You may be required to carry out additional admissions procedures. Space in the program you wish to transfer to, may be limited. You should consult the George Brown Calendar and/or department directly for details.

2. Block Transfers

Whether it’s from a certificate to a diploma or a diploma to an advance diploma, George Brown offers many opportunities to further your studies. If you are interested in another George Brown program, our Entry Advisors are able to assist you.

Block transfer opportunities to another George Brown program can be found in the Transfer Agreements and Opportunities Database.

3. Diploma to Degree Bridging

Turn your diploma into a degree. George Brown has a variety of degree programs. Your diploma can be a pathway to completing the degree in less time. See our Diploma to Degree Bridging page for all

4. Fast-Track Options

Expand your knowledge with one of our condensed fast-track programs, earning you an additional credential in less time. Your previous diploma allows you to complete the new program in fewer semesters

5. Post-Graduate Opportunities

If you already have a George Brown College diploma or degree, a career-focused postgraduate programs could provide you with a competitive edge in the job market. In just eight to 12 months, you can develop real-world job skills, gain hands-on industry experience and make valuable contacts in your chosen sector.