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Your relationship with George Brown College doesn’t end at graduation. You become a member of our alumni network where we celebrate each other’s success, provide advice, workshops and mentorship, and access to great networking events.

George Brown College Alumni

Centre for Arts, Design & Information Technology

Steven Tiao

Graduate 2012, Graphic Design
Art Director, Leo Burnett

“As an art director, I’m responsible for the visual communications of a brand… George Brown played a very important role in how I got my job today – it helped me develop my portfolio so I could showcase my skills and my craft.”

Centre for Business

Jing Jing Yang

Graduate 2007, Financial Planning
Sales Manager, Sun Life Financial

"I started as an advisor with Sun Life in 2007. In March 2010 I was promoted to be a sales manager in the Markham office… As a recruiter I go to different colleges and universities and different job fairs trying to look for new talent for our company. George Brown always has a very special spot in my heart"

Centre for Community Services & Early Childhood

Linnet Reesor

Graduate 2006, Early Childhood Education program
Early Childhood Educator, Richmond-Adelaide Child Care Centre

“Working for a George Brown lab school is great because not only do I affect the lives of the children here, but also other children in the community as early childhood educators come to our centres to absorb information, go to workshops and take that information back to their community centres.”

Centre for Construction & Engineering Technologies

Maria Pavlou

Graduate 2015
Architectural Technology Program
Technologist, Moriyama & Teshima Architects

“You have to know all the newest software and George Brown taught us all the latest software that’s used in the industry.”

Richard De Oliveira

2006 Graduate
Architectural Technology Program
Co-Owner, Re: Placement Design Inc.

“I wanted to have the strongest foundation on the technical side of architecture and George Brown did that for me”

Centre for Health Sciences

Christopher Reis

Graduate 2013, Denturism
Owner, Dundas Bathurst Denture Clinic

“What I love most about George Brown College is that all of the instructors are always there to help you out. They also give you the equipment and materials to provide patients with the best quality of care.”

Centre for Hospitality & Culinary Arts

Karan Tsoi & Forrest Liu

Graduates 2014, Culinary Management
General Manager (Tsoi) & Chef (Liu), Carmen’s Steak House

“The reason I chose George Brown is because of the connections. They have such a strong connections in downtown Toronto.” – Karan Tsoi

“I feel like I’m a complete cook right now because of George Brown College.” – Forrest Liu

Centre for Preparatory & Liberal Studies

Stacy Johnson

Graduate 2008, Assaulted Women’s and Children’s Counsellor/Advocate program
Community/Family Support Services, Griffin Centre

“When you love what you do that’s going to supersede everything else, and you’re able to stretch your open hand out to some of these families that may not have a voice."