General Education and Liberal Studies Electives

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General Education and Liberal Studies electives:
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General Education and Liberal Studies courses are a vital component of all post-secondary certificate, diploma and degree programs. Electives are designed to enable students to enhance their critical thinking and analytic reasoning skills and to broaden their knowledge and experience through the study of arts and humanities, social sciences and natural sciences. By learning and collaborating with peers in a variety of programs, students develop communication, teamwork and problem-solving skills that are essential in their personal and social lives and highly valued in all career fields.


To access your program's General Education or Liberal Studies requirements, please click on the link below.   

General Education and Liberal Studies Program Requirements for 2020-2021

Please note: If you started your certificate, diploma or degree program prior to 2020, please use the links below to check your program's General Education and Liberal Studies elective requirements. If the program requirement you are looking for is not listed here, please contact us directly. 

Certificate and Diploma Programs

Degree Programs


REGULAR STU-VIEW REGISTRATION: Each program selects specific semesters in which students are scheduled to take General Education and Liberal Studies electives. If there is an elective scheduled in your current semester, the courses will be listed in the block below your mandatory program courses.  

Please check GBC Important Dates for registration dates and deadlines.  

MISSED, FAILED, OR DROPPED (MFD) STU-VIEW REGISTRATION: If you have missed, failed, or dropped a General Education or Liberal Studies electives from a previous semester, please:

  1. First register for your program block / courses on STU-VIEW 
  2. Then, review the elective course offerings in the next section, section 3: CURRENT ELECTIVE OFFERINGS
  3. Fill in the applicable MFD application form below and indicate your availability to take the elective: 

Form for Students in Diploma and Certificate Programs Form for Students in Degree Programs

  1. Our staff will add applicable elective courses to your STU-VIEW registration page and you will receive a confirmation email. 
  2. On the registration date assigned in the email, you will be able to select the elective courses on your STU-VIEW page under SPECIAL AUTHORIZED COURSES.

** Please note that filling in the application form does not automatically register you in a course. Course enrollment is based on availability. If courses of your interest are not available at the time, you can keep checking until the registration deadline.  

** Taking an extra course may result in changes in your tuition. Please contact the Student Service Centres if you have questions regarding to your financial account.  


Students in diploma and certificate programs have the option to take approved equivalent courses offered through the Continuing Education (ConEd) department at George Brown College. Please find more information in section 4: CONTINUING EDUCATION EQUIVALENCIES LIST on this page.  

Students can register for approved ConEd courses directly on ConEd’s website or by emailing  


Click here for the Fall 2020 elective course offerings

Current Elective Offerings Course Descriptions

Unofficial course outlines for many courses are available upon request. If you require a full course outline, please email with the course code.

Alternative Course Delivery for Fall 2020 semester

General Education and Liberal Studies electives in the Fall 2020 semester will be delivered online, either asynchronously, or with some synchronous sessions.  

Asynchronous learning does not occur in the same place or at the same time. Teachers and students do not need to be available at any particular time or day. Resources will be available on Blackboard, usually with instructions to complete weekly modules.

Synchronous online learning occurs at the same time. The teacher and students will meet online, on Blackboard Collaborate, and will interact with each other in real time. Students should plan to be available at the scheduled class times. Although classes are scheduled for three hours, the Collaborate sessions will likely take up only some of that time. Students will also need to do work independently.

SECTION 4: Electives Offered Through Continuing Education

The Continuing Education courses listed below are accepted as credit towards the General Education Elective requirements of most diploma and certificate programs. Other courses in the Continuing Education catalogue (even those listed under Liberal Arts and Sciences) do NOT qualify for a General Education elective credit.  

General Education Electives Offered Through Continuing Education Fall 2020

Students may register for approved ConEd courses directly on ConEd’s website or by emailing  

If you have questions regarding elective requirements, please refer to section 1: ELECTIVE REQUIREMENTS BY PROGRAM or email us directly at

If you have questions about accessing courses offered by the Continuing Education department, please visit ConEd’s website or email 


Please send your inquiries with your student ID and full name to the following email addresses:  

General Education and Liberal Studies electives: 
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