Experience Record

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What makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd as you graduate and move into your field? From critical thinking, adaptability, and communication, these are all key human skills you will need to succeed in whatever you do.  The Experience Record at George Brown College is designed to help students find opportunities outside of the classroom to help develop skills and capture these experiences while also reflecting the experiences in the classroom that have supported their development. With the ability to share via LinkedIn and a shareable URL, the Experience Record helps you articulate the learning that has taken place to give you a professional edge.

A Chronical of Higher Education survey across industries showed that half of those surveyed said they had trouble filling vacancies in their companies. Even though most applicants had the technical skills to do their job, many lacked the communication, adaptability, decision-making, and problem-solving capabilities to be successful. 

We at George Brown believe that you have the skills being sought by employers and have been learning and gaining them through the various means.  By using the Experience Record you are developing a comprehensive list of the experiences you have participated in, along with an understanding of the skills you have gained through your participation in the experiences.

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What is the Experience record?

The Experience Record is an online portal that allows you to develop a comprehensive list of the opportunities that you have been involved with and the subsequent soft skills that have been gained by participating in those respective experiences. It will also house a list of Experiential Learning and Work Integrated Learning courses that you have completed. Together these will create a profile of experiences that will support your reflection and capacity to speak to your skill development.

It is the space where you can find opportunities for further skill development through activities, events, and employment opportunities.

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Why use the Experience record?

The goal of the Experience Record is to provide you with a one-spot stop to learn about the opportunities across the College to support your skill development which allows you to search by either skill desired to develop, or organization you would want to connect with. Finally, you’ll be able to do a general search to find an opportunity to take your experiences and create accomplishment statements that will support the addition of the experiences and skills to your resume and aid in developing responses to interview questions.

Most important, as you start to populate your Experience Record you will be able to see which skills you have developed through your experiences and where you can find opportunity to develop further. From each experience you will have the opportunity to consider how you have gained skills and when the time comes to speak to your skills preparing for an interview, you can look back at your Experience Record and build confidence in knowing you have the skills to land that role.

Have questions, or would like to register an opportunity for GBC students? Email: ccr@georgebrown.ca