Winter weather guide

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When dangerous weather is forecast, George Brown College continually monitors conditions and determines how they might affect the safety of our students, employees and college operations. This includes the operation of our child care centres across Toronto.

When will George Brown College announce a weather closure?

While the timing of a weather event is often unpredictable, we look to make decisions about the suspension or cancellation of classes and operations by 6 a.m. 

For weather events that occur during the day, decisions are made on an ad-hoc basis. We understand a decision to close the college after classes have started may be frustrating, but it's done in the best interest of students and employees. There are many factors to consider when closing mid-day, including finding a time that will cause the least amount of disruption to academic schedules.

What if my child attends a George Brown College child care centre?

We understand a full closure or early closure of a daycare facility can be an inconvenient or frustrating situation for families at our lab-school child care centres. We know it can be difficult for parents and guardians to arrive at our centres by the early closure time in severe weather and we'll ensure your children are cared for until you can arrive. Parents using our child care centres can find contact information at

What if the college is open but I can't make it to campus safely?

We don't make operational decisions lightly, and in each case, we do our best to balance our commitment to student learning with the potential risk posed by severe weather.

We understand members of the George Brown community live across the Greater Toronto Area and beyond, and that weather and road conditions vary throughout the region when bad weather arrives. Students should always consider their personal safety when deciding whether to attend classes. Those who decide to stay home must discuss the implications of a missed class with their instructors. This is especially true for assignment deadlines and missed tests or exams.

What if my class is cancelled?

Sometimes individual classes may be cancelled when the college is open. Students should check their George Brown College email, STU-VIEW or Brightspace for updates.

What about placements?

Students who are on work placements should follow the employer's policy in regard to expectations when it comes to severe weather.

How can I stay informed?

In the event of a college closure, the George Brown community will be informed in several ways:

  • Message on
  • Updates on social media – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Email to all students and employees on their George Brown accounts
  • Brightspace notification
  • Message on our main Contact Centre phone number, 416-415-2000
  • Notification to major media outlets in Toronto

During any weather event, please use caution and stay safe.