Student Photo ID Card

Library staff taking a student ID from a student at the Waterfront Library Checkout Desk.

Attention: Since we are operating online for the term, we will not be issuing physical student ID cards. However, all students will have access to the GBC Digital Student IDs via the George Brown App. For more information on how to install the George Brown app, please visit our Mobile Apps Support page. Students that are required to attend classes on campus and need access to rooms with card reader door locks may request a student ID card from the library through

Your GBC student card identifies you as a George Brown College student and gives you access to many college services and facilities.

How to get your Student card

Submit your photo online and collect your new ID Card from selected Library Learning Commons.

How to Use your student card

Always carry your student ID card as you'll need it to access services and participate in academic activities.

How to replace a lost student card

If your student ID card is lost or stolen, you will need to report it and order a replacement.

Are you studying an Early Childhood Education program at the Ryerson University Campus?

Students in Early Childhood Education programs who attend classes at Ryerson University need a combined George Brown College/Ryerson University Student ID card/OneCard. This card specifically identifies you as a George Brown College student on the campus of Ryerson University.