How to balance childcare while working from home

A female child care worker is squatting beside a standing girl toddler. They are both smiling.

Trying to keep up with your job or your studies while also taking care of your children? It can be challenging to try to balance both of these important responsibilities. Here are a few tips from George Brown Counsellor Lavlet Forde that may help.  

Create a schedule  

Adults aren’t the only ones who benefit from having a routine – maintaining a schedule can really help kids thrive. Children often feel a sense of stability when there is consistency in their day-to-day activities. A child’s attention span isn’t as long as an adult’s, so try to break up your child’s activities/responsibilities into 30-minute blocks. Some of these activities may include reading, colouring or arts and crafts. Need more information on how to set up a schedule for your child? Check out these home-schooling tips.

Educational activities  

There are many free online educational resources available to keep kids busy and learning.  

  • Khan Academy provides free online tutorial classes for preschool to college level. This non-profit organization also provides examples of different daily academic schedules based on your child’s grade level.
  • Toronto Public Library offers many different online resources for individuals of all ages. All the material is free and includes eBooks, audiobooks, movies, read-along books and children’s books in different languages.
  • Scholastic is offering free online classes for Pre K to Grade 9. Classes include reading material, videos and activities.

Study/work time  

While your child is focusing on their activity, try to use this time to focus on your own assignments. Consider waking up an hour or two before your child wakes up to focus on your studies or work. You might also plan to study for another hour or two after your child goes to bed.   

Quality time  

It’s natural for kids to want their caregiver/parent’s attention, so provide space for this throughout the day. Consider taking breaks and having some meals together. If your child wants your attention while you are focusing on your studies or work, try to redirect them to the break time and/or mealtime that you will have together and consider turning off all devices during this time.