Connected to Employers

student at a career fair

We work closely with our employer and community partners to make sure our programs reflect the latest trends, techniques and technology used in the field. Industry leaders play an important role in program development to ensure the skills you learn in the classroom are the ones employers want. 

"George Brown grads really care and they’re fearless and they’re going to try something new. What they’ve learned in their curriculum they’re going to bring into practicality. But they do it with swagger and I think that’s the big difference."
Julie Rusciolelli, President & Founder, Maverick Public Relations

Learn from industry experts

Our faculty members are industry experts, and many are currently working in the field. They share firsthand experience and information from the professional world, so you understand challenges and expectations in the industry.  

Our employer partners

From large well-known national and international organizations to Toronto-based small businesses and start-ups, we’re proud of the broad experience and knowledge our community and industry partners provide to our students.  Here are some of the employers* we work with:

*George Brown College Alumni Top Employer Report, 2019