Sustainability Plan 2022

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Why are we focusing on sustainability?

As a college, we recognize that we need to reimagine how we manage our shared global environment and natural resources. We have a responsibility to reduce our eco-footprint and to have a positive contribution to climate change through initiatives such as a sustainability-driven procurement process, energy retrofits and conservation practices, and zero waste strategies.

One of the strategic commitments in George Brown College’s Vision 2030 is that sustainability should be key to the success of the college with the goal that we demonstrate “behaviours, actions and policies that lead to environmental, financial and social sustainability".

The 3 Es of George Brown College Sustainability

Our Sustainability Plan 2022 is built around three overarching and aligned goals. These goals encompass a range of activities that will be pursued in order to achieve sustainability progress.

  1. Eco-footprint
    Goal: Reduce the college’s environmental impacts
    We need to create goals and strategies to reduce the eco-footprint of the College’s operations, facilities and purchasing practices.
  2. Education
    Goal: Enhance sustainability in teaching and learning.
    We must have strategies and goals in place to enhance integration of sustainability into the College’s curriculum and vocational learning outcomes.
  3. Engagement
    Goal: Educate and empower the College’s and external communities.
    We must promote awareness and behaviour changes by the college community to support our sustainability goals.

George Brown’s Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan

To learn more about the college’s Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan you can download the report.

Greenhouse Gas Emission Reporting:

Want to learn more?

If you’d like to learn more about our Sustainability 2022 plan, you can download the report.

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