Procurement Supply Chain Code of Ethics

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Our commitment to the Supply Chain Code of Ethics

George Brown College is committed to the highest standards of product quality and business integrity in their dealings with suppliers. As a result, all suppliers and the George Brown College employees who work with them are expected to conduct themselves with the highest standards of honesty, fairness and personal integrity. It is critical to college that suppliers and employees alike maintain high ethical standards, adhere to all applicable laws, and avoid even the perception of impropriety or conflict of interest. Suppliers should conduct business and negotiations with the College in reasonable manners which should avoid unnecessary expenses and inconvenience etc incurred by the College. Suppliers are expected to conduct business and negotiations ethically with the College, without attempts to influence any purchasing decisions through offering personal gifts and other unethical means.

Furthermore, Suppliers must maintain in good standing in terms of business operations and are expected to inform the College Purchasing Department of any changes of business conditions that might affect purchasing decisions.


This policy applies globally to all college suppliers. “Supplier” here means any business, company, corporation, person or other entity that sells, or seeks to sell, any kind of goods or services to the college, including the supplier’s employees, agents and other representatives.

Follow the Law

Suppliers will comply with all laws, regulations and policies applicable to us and our dealings, including all applicable contractual requirements.

George Brown College’s Policies Related to Kickbacks, Favours, Gifts, and Entertainment

Suppliers will not offer, promise or provide to any college employee a kickback, favour, cash, gratuity, entertainment or anything of value to obtain favourable treatment from George Brown College. College employees are similarly prohibited from soliciting or accepting such favours from suppliers. This prohibition extends to the offering, promising or giving of any favours to any family members of both the supplier and college employees or with any other persons with whom either party has significant personal relationships in exchange for obtaining or retaining the college’s business.

Avoid Conflicts of Interest

Suppliers, will not enter into a financial or any other relationship with a George Brown College employee that creates any actual or potential conflict of interest for George Brown College. A conflict of interest arises when the material personal interests of the George Brown College employee are inconsistent with the responsibili­ties of his/her position with the company. All such conflicts must be disclosed and corrected. Even the appearance of a conflict of interest can be damaging to George Brown College and to the Supplier, and are to be disclosed and approved in advance by George Brown College management.

Avoid Unfair Business Practices

Suppliers will not fix prices or rig bids with our competitors. Suppliers will comply with all applicable antitrust, fair trade and competition laws.

Provide Quality

Suppliers will supply product that conform in all respects with the requirement of the contracts with George Brown College including, in particular, all applicable quality requirements.

Avoid Political Contributions and Charitable Donations on the college’s Behalf

George Brown College suppliers are not authorized to make any type of political contribution or charitable
donations on the college’s behalf.

Avoid Unauthorized Lobbying and Press Releases on the college’s Behalf

Suppliers are not authorized to undertake any type of lobbying or other similar representative efforts on the college’s behalf before any kind of government entity, official or body or representative. In addition, Suppliers may not issue Press Releases concerning any mutual business transactions without the explicit written consent of George Brown College.

Speak Up About Ethical Concerns

Suppliers will promptly notify George Brown College regarding any known or suspected improper behaviour by suppliers relating to dealings with George Brown College, or any known or suspected improper behaviour by George Brown College employees or its agents.