Estimated Costs

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All costs, service fees and fines associated with the Preplacement process (including those related to the ParaMed Placement Pass website) are responsibility and must be paid by the student. The following table lists the current estimated costs involved in completing your program specific Prerequisite Health Form. This list is for reference only. This may not constitute the extent of fees encountered and (for those costs outside of ParaMed) are estimates only. Fees may vary from what is listed here and are subject to change without notice.

Type of ServiceCost (estimated)
Basic Life Support course (in-person or blended format only)$50.00 to $90.00
CPR level C course (in-person or blended format only)$50.00 to $90.00
Doctor's office charge for signing and completing the health form or medical note$30.00 to $70.00
Hepatitis B booster vaccine (if lab result show non-immunity/non-reactive)$50.00 to $100.00
Mask Fit Test certificate$50.00 to $90.00
Neonatal Resuscitation Program$150.00 to $200.00
ParaMed Placement Pass Service Fees (for initial and resubmission fees)As listed on the ParaMed Placement Pass portal
Standard First Aid with CPR level C and Basic Life Support course$140.00 to $200.00
Two-Step Tuberculosis Skin Test)$45.00 to $90.00
Vulnerable Sector Check application$27.00 to $90.00
Varicella/chicken pox booster vaccine (if lab result shows non-immunity/non-reactive)$50.00 to $100.00
WHMIS Training module$25.00 to $50.00