Full–Time Programs Requisite Health Form Requirements

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All domestic and international students, both new and returning, registered in any of the programs listed in the right navigation bar, are required to complete the mandatory program specific pre-placement health forms. These forms must be completed by the deadline in order for all students to be eligible for field and clinical placements during their current academic year. Failure to do so or to meet all listed requirements will result in exclusion from the program.

It is recommended that students start this process immediately upon confirmation of acceptance into the program; it may take up to 10 to 14 weeks for completion. The required health forms can be accessed by clicking on the specific program link on the right side of this page. Alternatively students may attend a scheduled information session for additional information. Completed forms may be checked by the Pre-Placement Health Coordinator prior to being submitted to ParaMed’s Requisite Office for final approval.

Medical immunization and laboratory blood test results

Please read carefully all the specific medical requirements written on the pre-placement health form. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that a doctor or healthcare professional properly completes, signs and stamps all health forms. If you do not have a family doctor, you may visit any Walk-in Clinic available in your area. Do not book an appointment with ParaMed’s Requisite Office until all medical requirements are completed and a healthcare professional has finalized the forms; arriving at a ParaMed appointment without the appropriate completed documents will result in charges of an additional service fee.

Police vulnerable sector check/Standard First Aid/CPR/ mask fit test

If applicable to your program, you are also responsible to arrange, pay for and complete any/all additional non-medical requirements on your own time. Additional requirements are listed on the program specific forms (see links on right side of page.)

Additional fees

Additional fees will be uploading your completed Health Form documents to the new ParaMed Requisite Portal, Two Step-TB Skin Tests; Varicella and Hepatitis B vaccines (Doctor’s fees); Standard First Aid and BLS/CPR HCP certifications; mask fit testing; and police check application forms. All additional costs and service fees associated with the overall health form requirements are responsibility of the student.

New ParaMed Requisite Portal effective on September 7, 2020

Effective September 7, 2020, all new and returning students must now use the new ParaMed Requisite Portal. You will be required to create a new account and then follow the step by step instructions, in order to submit and upload your completed Health Form documents fully online. No in-person appointments are necessary-the document submission, payment and approval processes are now completed online.

The ParaMed Service Fees effective on June 1ST, 2020 to May 31ST, 2021:
Initial submission fee - $58.41
Resubmission fee - $25.59 tax included

Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment, please contact Suzette Martinuzzi, Clinical Pre-placement Coordinator via email at smartinu@georgebrown.ca, Virtual Business Hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.