Frequently Asked Questions about Entry Advising

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Here you can check the most frequently asked questions (FAQ). Your time is important and this will help you confirm that an Entry Advising appointment is what you need. If you cannot find what you need here or want additional help, you can book an appointment with one of Entry advisors.

What full-time programs do you offer?

Our full-time program guide is posted with program descriptions, start dates, and current availability. To learn more about the program, just click on the program title. Full-time program guide.

Where do I learn whether a program is still accepting students?
What are the admissions requirements?

Admissions requirements depend on the program. When you are looking at the webpage for a specific program, please click on “How to qualify and Apply” to see the requirements. Full-time program guide.

How do I apply as a domestic student?
How do I apply as an International student?
What is the Admissions Assessment (test) and do I need to take it?

The admissions assessment determines if the program applicant has the academic skills required to start the program. The admissions assessment is taken by mature applicants who are missing some of the admissions requirements.

What does it mean to be a mature student?

We welcome adult learners of all ages. The liaison department has prepared a guide to help mature students get started.

Can I get credit for my work experience related to my program?

You can earn academic credit for learning you have completed through work experience, school, and life experience. This is called Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR).

What financial aid is available?

The financial aid office can assist you with this inquiry.

What is the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)?

OSAP is a mix of grants and loans for students offered by the government of Ontario.

Is there assistance for persons with a disability?
What student services are available?

We provide a wide array of services for students to enrich their college experience and to provide resources to help them succeed both academically and in their personal lives.

Is child care available?

We operate several innovative child care centres in a variety of facilities across Toronto.

What part-time courses and programs do you offer (Continuing Education)?

With evening, weekend, day and on-line classes starting throughout the year, we make it easy to fit learning into your schedule. Continuing education courses have their own admission requirements and registration procedure.

Do you offer full-time ESL program?

Yes. Our school of English as a Second Language offers instruction in a state of the art of learning space in downtown Toronto.

Do you offer part-time ESL program?

Yes. You can improve your English in the evenings or weekends with one of our part-time certificate programs.

Do you offer career counselling to individuals?

Career counselling services are available to registered full-time students. If you seek help in choosing a career direction we suggest you contact Employment Ontario for a referral to a trained career counsellor.

What are my employment prospects and career paths after graduation?

The Entry advisors do not track job market data. You might want to do some online research about the careers that you are interested in. We suggest you consider information from many sources that you are interested in. We can get you started with our online career coach.

What is Better Jobs Ontario and how to apply for Better Jobs Ontario?

Better Jobs Ontario (formerly Second Career) is an Ontario government program. It is a cost-sharing grant that helps laid-off workers with skills training for jobs in growing fields. Qualified applicants can receive financial help with tuition, books and supplies, transportation and living expenses associated with their education.

We have regular information sessions for Better Jobs Ontario applicants. Many of your questions will be addressed at the information session and people often benefit from the experience of other Second career applicants.