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Exploring the future of work with our Work Shift podcast

Automation. Artificial intelligence. Digitalization. Technological advancements are revolutionizing how we work. What does that mean for you?

Shawne McKeown and Ray Harripaul are exploring the future of work and changes you can expect to see at your job. They’re talking to industry leaders and educators to explore how this massive digital shift could change your career.

Find out what you can do to adapt, evolve and thrive.

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Episode 16 - Streaming is here to stay in the special events industry

Work Shift Podcast· Work Shift - Episode 16 - Streaming is here to stay in the special events industry

The professionals who organize festivals, fundraisers, corporate conferences and more made a quick shift online when the sector shut down. Event organizers and performers were forced to ramp up their technical know-how by exploring new digital platforms and perfecting the art of the live stream. 
We talk to Paul Araujo, a prof at George Brown's School of Hospitality & Tourism Management, and DJ Starting from Scratch, one of Canada's best-known DJs, about why streaming will remain in their toolkit post-pandemic. 

Work Shift episode 16 transcript

Episode 15 - What to expect from a career in UX design

Work Shift Podcast · Work Shift - Episode 15 - What to expect from a career in UX design

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of smooth and easy-to-use online platforms. And the people who map out and devise these systems—user experience (UX) designers—are in growing demand. We talk to Xavier Masse and Dr. Ana Rita Morais from George Brown College's School of Design, and Peter Sicard, Co-Founder and Partner of Toronto design firm TuesdayAfternoon Media about the importance of UX design and what makes it such an interesting career.

Work Shift episode 15 transcript

Episode 14 - Your digital colleague

Work Shift Podcast · Work Shift - Episode 14 - Your digital colleague

The demand for service robots is growing in many industries. We talk to Rami Wehbe, co-founder and CTO of tech solutions provider GlobalDWS, about why service robots will augment human capacity, not replace it. And, we talk to Toronto restaurateur Tanya Spasic, of Animal Liberation Kitchen, who started using a service robot named Geoffrey to help with deliveries during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Work shift episode 14 transcript

Episode 13 - Construction vs COVID

Work Shift Podcast · Work Shift - Episode 13 - Construction vs COVID

We're all thinking more about the buildings we live and work in thanks to COVID-19. We talk to Dr. Chris Willis, a professor and program coordinator at George Brown's Angelo DelZotto School of Construction Management, and Andrew Gordon, Principal, Gordon + Gordon Group Inc., about positive changes happening in the construction industry due to COVID-19.

Learn more about The Orbit project Andrew Gordon is involved in at

Work Shift episode 13 transcript

Episode 12 - The future of post-secondary education amid COVID-19

Work Shift Podcast · Work Shift - Episode 12 -The future of post-secondary amid COVID-19

Colleges and universities are facing big challenges amid the COVID-19 pandemic. We talk to higher ed consultant Ken Steele of Eduvation and Dr. Rick Huijbregts, George Brown College's VP of Strategy & Innovation, about how institutions are responding.

Work Shift Episode 12 Transcript

Episode 11 – How we made the shift during the COVID-19 pandemic

A special episode about how George Brown College made the quick transition to remote working and online program delivery when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Shawne and Ray talk to Professor Marlene Slopack and Library Services Manager Pearl Raju.

Work Shift Episode 11 Transcript

Episode 10 – Automation, robots and hyper-personalization in the hospitality industry

Are robots coming for your food service job? How are jobs in the hotel and travel sector changing amid a constantly evolving competitor landscape? We talk to Donnalu Macdonald, a professor at George Brown College's School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, and Nolan Schachter, VP, Customer Success at the food service robotics company Chowbotics.


Episode 9 – What you need to know about blockchain

Ceit Butler is a blockchain architect and consultant. She's also a professor and the program coordinator for George Brown College's Blockchain Development program. She tells Shawne and Ray about the surging demand for Blockchain professionals and the massive growth potential for this technology.

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Episode 8 – The importance of work-integrated learning (WIL)

Shawne and Ray chat with RBC's Director of Early Talent Acquisition Brien Convery and George Brown College's Director of Work-Integrated Learning & Experiential Education Dario Guescini about how work placement opportunities for students have evolved and why on-the-job training for students is so important when it comes to the future of work.

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Episode 7 – What are soft skills and why are they so important?

Shawne and Ray talk to George Brown College Professor Richard Almonte and SkillsCamp Co-Founder Bailey Parnell about why soft skills (also called human skills or transferrable skills) are more important than ever in order to land a job and keep it. 

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Episode 6 – How higher education is changing, with George Brown College President Anne Sado

Shawne and Ray discuss the future of higher education with George Brown College President Anne Sado and Microsoft Canada's Director of Education Strategy and Learning Solutions Lia De Cicco-Remu.

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Episode 5 – Jeremy Rifkin on the future of work and education

Shawne and Ray sit down with internationally acclaimed author and economic and social theorist Jeremy Rifkin to talk about what we can expect for the future of work amid a third industrial revolution and the climate crisis.

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Episode 4 – Talking change management with Toronto tech exec Claudette McGowan

How do you handle change at work? Shawne and Ray talk to Claudette McGowan, Chief Information Officer, Enterprise Technology, Employee Experience at BMO, about how to adapt and thrive in a world of rapidly evolving tech.


Episode 3 – Disruption in banking and financial services

Shawne and Ray speak with Tracey Britt, George Brown College business professor and certified financial planner, and Claudette McGowan, CIO, Enterprise Technology, Employee Experience, BMO, about tech and trends disrupting the banking and financial services industries.

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Episode 2 – The future of health care jobs

Shawne and Ray speak with Dr. Cory Ross, VP, Academic at George Brown College, about exciting new jobs that could transform the health care sector, and how technology won’t jeopardize the human touch in health care.

Read Cory's bio.


Episode 1 – The big picture with Dr. Rick Huijbregts

Shawne and Ray speak with Dr. Rick Huijbregts, Vice President, Strategy & Innovation at George Brown College, about new technology and trends that are revolutionizing how we work.

Follow Dr. Rick on Twitter.


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