George Brown College Campuses and Locations

The college also has other locations in Toronto where students attend classes

  1. Ryerson Location - The Sally Horsfall Eaton Centre for Studies in Community Health at Ryerson University (School of Early Childhood)
  2. Sunnybrook Centre for Independent Living (Prosthetic & Orthotic Programs)
  3. The Young Centre for the Performing Arts (School of Media & Performing Arts)
  4. Fashion Exchange (School of Fashion & Jewellery)

Student Residence

  1. George Brown College Student Residence, The George 

43.6761366, -79.4104903

Casa Loma Campus

160 Kendal Avenue


M5R 1M3

43.6512843, -79.3702337

St. James Campus

200 King Street East


M5A 3W8

43.6439625, -79.3654755

Waterfront Campus

51 Dockside Drive


M5A 0B6

43.6596815, -79.3775672

Ryerson Location

99 Gerrard St. East

Eric Palin Hall


M5B 2K8

43.7218814, -79.3725475

Sunnybrook Centre for Independent Living

2075 Bayview Avenue

U-wing, Ground Floor


M4N 3M5

43.6507935, -79.3576449

Young Centre for the Performing Arts

50 Tankhouse Lane

Distillery District


M5A 3C4

43.6597161, -79.3612355

Fashion Exchange

63 Regent Park Boulevard


M5A 2B7

43.65354, -79.3572129

The George Student Residence

80 Cooperage Street


M5A 0J3