Taking care of your mental health

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Useful Online Resources to Help You Learn About and Address Mental Health Challenges 

  • Empower yourself through education with comprehensive articles about wellness and mental health written by health professionals
  • The Coronavirus resources section is very thorough and easy to navigate with tips on staying healthy, managing stress, anxiety/depression/sleep, and managing trauma and grief/loss.
  • Blog posts and educational tools on many topics including mental health, relationships, finances, overall health and happiness, substance use
  • Offers free audio guided meditations as well
  • A comprehensive website offering many tools to help people from all ranges manage anxiety using step-by-step strategies.
  • Blog posts on anxiety-related topics including a Covid 19 section
  • Free live videos and webinars and audio resources including guided meditations
  • Develop your own anxiety plan (MAP) with their tools based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Symptom checklist and information for family and friends of someone suffering with depression symptoms
  • Managing depression resources
  • Free My Path workbook to track your day to day progress

Interactive Self-help Mental Health Resources

  • Free online mental health resource provided by the Government of Canada offers:
    • Self-Assessment tools
    • Self-guided courses and apps
    • Coaching and one-on-one online counselling
  • App with self-guided CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) program for anxiety and depression, free of charge
  • Lots of informational resources and mood tracking tools
  • Mental health and substance use resources, self-assessment tools and tips and strategies

Mindfulness Apps

  • Free, range of different programs tailored to age and need (guided meditations for sleep, stress management, etc.)
  • Free, guided meditations, podcasts, and other mindfulness-based resources
  • Offering simple daily meditations, this web-based tool and iOS/Android app is designed for beginners who would like to incorporate meditation into their daily lives. Some free content.
  • Beginners and experienced meditators can use this web-based tool and iOS/Android app to access daily meditations for reducing stress and anxiety, better sleep, managing emotions, and more. Some free content.