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The Strategic Planning and Institutional Analysis team provides advice on emerging issues and opportunities to guide the development of transformative strategies, integrated and aligned plans for the organization, driving better decisions and results.  The department strives to provide high quality insights, strategic analysis, planning and project management through three core functional areas: institutional research and planning, strategic and operational planning, and strategic project portfolio management. 

Focus of Our Work

We work collaboratively with teams across the college and with industry experts to facilitate strategic thinking, help shape plans and support decision making. Please reach out to us with questions, ideas, or projects about any of our focus areas, below. 

  1. Institutional Research and Planning: operate as the primary coordinating source for data collection and reporting, including Strategic Mandate Agreements, KPIs, and student feedback. Provide key insights that challenge and inform strategic decision making. Perform analysis and research to facilitate planning, accountability, institutional assessment, quality assurance and inform policy formulation. 
  2. Strategic and Operational Planning: lead the strategy formulation and operational planning processes with actionable intelligence and thought leadership, sparking conversation and utilizing frameworks that result in long-term advantage. Oversee the formulation, monitoring, and deployment of a long-term strategy as well as annual operational plans that align the efforts of teams across the college.
  3. Strategic Project Portfolio: provide leadership on ambitious, institution-wide initiatives designed to achieve the college’s strategic goals.  Undertake integrated strategic project portfolio management to achieve optimal resource allocation and alignment with institutional vision.   

Strategy 2022/Vision 2030

To view our Strategy 2022/Vision 2030, please visit our Imagining Possibilities page

For access to Annual Reports please visit Annual Reports | George Brown College

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us at, or contact any of our team members directly:

Strategic Planning and Institutional Analysis
Paul Armstrong, Associate Vice President, Strategy, Planning and Risk,

Institutional Research and Planning
Suzanne Dwyer, Director, Institutional Research and Planning, 

Strategic and Operational Planning
Akrivi Papadaki, Senior Manager, Strategic and Operational Planning,

Strategic Intelligence and Foresight
Dijana Praskac, Senior Manager, Strategic Intelligence and Foresight,

Strategic Project Portfolio
Sam Bremner, Strategic Advisor & Portfolio Manager,