Transitioning Semesters

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Making sure you persist in your academic career and gain the right skills is part of your journey at the college. We strive to ensure that you have all the supports you need as you move through your semester, graduation, and into the workforce. This set of content addresses those essential skills that you need to be successful at the college and in your career to ensure you maximize your efforts.


Your To Do List:

  • Sign up for workshops on soft skill development topics each semester
  • Connect with your Career Advisor and plan out your career goals
  • Sign up for industry events and build your network
  • Connect with GBC's alumni network when you prepare to graduate
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Skills for Success: Workshops & Coaching

Students graduating from higher education must be ready for a fast paced, uncertain and turbulent labour market. As the employment landscape continues to change, there is a greater priority for soft skills that enhance your ability to perform the tasks of your specific job and work effectively with others.

This series of content has been created to support the development of key soft skills to support you on your personal and academic journey, and are skills that employers are looking for. Take a look at each of the topics below and sign up for a live workshop throughout each semester on these topics. The sessions are aligned with important times throughout the semester to offer you the maximum value.

Read on to learn about more resources to assist throughout your college journey. New dates are posted each term.

How College Works

Learning to navigate the college environment can be challenging when you need to figure out where to go and who to connect with, but knowing how to do this is critical to your academic, personal, and career success.

We'll cover what George Brown looks like, it's academic centres and schools, who to reach out to for support, your course outlines, and what you can do to ensure your success.

Living a Financially Healthy Life

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Join us to learn how you can make more informed decisions about your purchases, create a budget to help reduce your financial stress, and to increase your savings. The goal of this workshop is to help you develop a healthy attitude towards managing your money as a student and beyond. Take control of your money by setting financial goals and learn a simple budgeting process.

Understanding Personal Income Taxes

Expand your understanding of Canada’s tax system and how to minimize your taxes as a student with tax deductions/credits, tax efficient government programs, and how different sources of investment income are taxed quite differently.  Find out how taxes will impact your finances as you start your career and making more money.  Taxes are a way of life but understanding how they work can lead to a great return on your investment (of time) and help you minimize the impact on your financial well-being.

Investing Basics

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Gain foundational skills to allow you to invest with confidence. Find out why it’s important to invest for your future to help outpace inflation, what basic investment asset classes exist and the various account options there are to investing.  Let’s de-mystify investing and help you better understand the tax implications and benefits of various account options.  Investing is not a get rich quick scheme, it’s a way of putting your money to work for you!  Arm yourself with the tools and knowledge to invest effectively and with confidence for your future.    

Intermediate Investing

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Coming out of this workshop you will be much more comfortable managing your investment risks, be able to analyze and understand the potential value of the common stock of a company you choose to invest in and know about some alternative investment opportunities. There are a lot of layers and complexity to investing and this workshop will provide you the knowledge to invest for the long-term by applying techniques like dollar cost averaging and diversification to your portfolio. Learn the important metrics to research before investing in a company for the long-term as well as some additional ways to diversify and enhance your risk-adjusted returns.

Borrowing For Books

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Develop a better understanding on various programs available to help you pay for your education, why it’s important to pay off credit cards in full monthly, how to improve your credit score and how to manage your debt to reduce your financial stress.  From scholarships, grants and bursaries to loans and earned income, there are many ways to acquire funds to pay for this investment in your future.  However, you must be careful; it’s easy to fall into the debt trap.  This module will help you understand good and bad debt and the implications of a bad credit rating which will give you the confidence to pursue your goals.

The Future of Work and Careers

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Explore the transformation that is occurring in the workplace and the skills you will need to succeed in your career. Times are changing and the global pandemic has accelerated workplace transformation. This workshop will provide you with tools to help you research how things are changing in the sector you are looking to work in and start your thinking towards how you can make that sector to enable you to be in high demand in the workforce.

Financial Matters Affecting International Students

Learn how to set budgeting goals for more financial security, tips for budgeting and saving, and gain a better understanding of the Canadian tax system and explore possible ways to invest more tax efficiently. Learn some great tips to help you with your spending which will enable you to build a more effective budget and let you take more control of your money.

Buying Your First Home

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Learn how to set budgeting goals for more financial security, tips for budgeting and saving, and gain a better understanding of the Canadian tax system.

Coming out of this workshop you will have a much better understanding of how much you can spend on a house, the multitude of government programs to assist you and the other service providers who can help you in this major purchase. Roughly 2/3 of Canadians own their own home. Buying a home will likely be the largest investment you make in your life and this workshop will help you better understand the steps to buying a house so you can approach this major life decision with confidence.

Planning For Your Career

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If you haven’t already, make sure to connect with your Career Advisor. They offer a wealth of knowledge on your industry and have great advice and connections with partners across the city and the globe! You can book one-on-one career advising appointment to explore your options, talk about placement opportunities, fine tune your interview skills, or to start planning your strategy as you prepare to graduate and start looking for work.

Find your Career Advisor 

Make sure to take advantage of the many workshops, networking events, mock interviews, and online career resources through GBCareers. Career Peer Coaches (CPC) are available to assist you with your career journey! CPCs can support you with your resume, cover letter, basic job search strategies, reviewing your Linkedin profile, and interview prep! And don't forget, you will continue to have access to these resources for a full year after you graduate from GBC!

Visit GBCareers

Preparing To Graduate

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Are you graduating at the end of this semester? There are few things you should do to ensure you’re on the right track and have ticked all your boxes. We’ve compiled a quick checklist of what you need to do and provided some quick links to ensure you are ready to graduate.

Check that you have all the credits and courses required to graduate

  • Apply to graduate before the deadline
  • Pay any outstanding fees including tuition and library fees, as you will not be able to graduate until these are cleared. Visit your StuView to check for any outstanding balances.
  • Make sure your personal information is up to date in StuView, including the proper spelling of your first and last name, and mailing address
  • International Students should also check their study permit and passport expiration dates. Post-Graduation Work Permits require that these remain valid until after you have graduated.
  • Book your graduation photos through the Student Association
  • RSVP and attend your convocation in June

Graduation Eligibility 

Graduation FAQs

Important Dates for Grads

GBC Alumni Network

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George Brown alumni make incredible contributions to companies, communities and individuals every day. You will become an important member of a network of George Brown graduates that is more than 240,000 strong and growing every year.

Take advantage of networking events and opportunities, and numerous privileges as a part of our GBC grad network.

Learn more about becoming a GBC alumnus