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When a new semester begins, it can be a whirlwind of activity. New classes, new professors, new software and even assignments. It may take you a few days to get into the swing of things, but remember you're not doing this alone, we've got you. Go through each section on this page and get an idea of things you should consider as you start a new term.

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MyGBC Podcast

Life as a George Brown College student is full of opportunities for success at school and beyond! In this weekly podcast, George Brown students lead thought-provoking interviews that delve into different services, supports, groups and events affecting students on a daily basis. From highlighting academic and human rights services to providing tips for managing finances and wellness, there’s something here for every student. Check out the most recent and relevant episodes, below.

Warning: Tuning-in may enrich your college experience! This week we talked to Davor from Student Life and he gave us plenty of reasons to get involved in Student Life Services and start following @gbc.studentlife now. Whether you want to get some volunteer experience for your resume, meet new people, or get connect to unique cultural events on and off-campus, this is a good episode to checkout.

2:54 – A moving play, paint-nights and more social events to checkout!

8:50 – Campus fairs, Fan-Expo and good reasons to join the Volunteer Squad

12:38 – How to make yourself stand-out from other graduates in your job search

13:35 – How to expand your social network

20:56 - Caribana, Lunar New Year and more cultural events

24:07 – From feeding people to helping them graduate, the overall reach of Student Life Services

27:02 – Advice if you're looking to get more involved on campus

Do you need help paying for college? This episode answers all your questions about how to apply for Student Awards! 🎓 Episode Highlight include:

1:07 – Differences between Awards, Bursaries and Scholarships and some examples.

3:13 – Eligibility and how to show financial need

4:44 – Spring semester awards

5:19 – How to fill out applications for multiple awards

6:40 – Why it's important to apply each semester

7:44 – Tips and advice to help you apply!

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Student Helpline and After Hours Urgent Care

For On-Campus Emergencies, call 416-415-4000 or dial "0" from an internal College Cisco phone.

If you are experiencing an emergency or need urgent assistance, there are a range of service available to help.