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When a new semester begins, it can be a whirlwind of activity. New classes, new professors, new software and even assignments. It may take you a few days to get into the swing of things, but remember you're not doing this alone, we've got you. Go through each section on this page and get an idea of things you should consider as you start a new term.

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MyGBC Podcast

On a weekly basis, the Student Life team will be sharing all things students need to know to be successful at the college and beyond! Check out their latest episode below.

MyGBC Podcast - Season 2, Episode 1: Why Service Fairs? & More About Starting Your Semester

Welcome to Season 2 of the MyGBC Podcast! Here, we share information on the topics that affect you, as a student, from academic support to mental health. This episode we're talking about the importance of Service Fairs and the skills you can gain from Transition Events, plus where to get regular info on GBC services, through your social media.

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Get access to tips and resources that will help you be a successful online student at George Brown! 

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Student Helpline and After Hours Urgent Care

For On-Campus Emergencies, call 416-415-4000 or dial "0" from an internal College Cisco phone.

If you are experiencing an emergency or need urgent assistance, there are a range of service available to help.