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Locker registration for the Spring 2024 Term opens April 19, 2024, for students with in-person classes and labs.

George Brown has lockers across its three main campuses for students to store their textbooks, supplies, and personal items when on campus. Lockers are allocated by program so they should be near where your classes are. Log in through STU-VIEW to get started and follow the steps below:

1. How do I get a locker?

To rent a locker online, follow these steps:

  1. Click on STU-VIEW.
  2. Click on LOGIN.
  3. Login with your student ID number and password.
  4. Click on Additional Student Services.
  5. Click on Rent a Locker.
  6. Click on Term bar and select the time period for which you want to rent the locker, then click on Continue.
  7. Select the locker that you want (odd numbers=top, even numbers=bottom), then click on Next.
  8. Confirm your George Brown email address, and then click on Next.
  9. Please read carefully the Locker Service Policy, and then click on I Agree to the Terms & Conditions.
  10. Please make sure all the information is correct, then click on Continue.
  11. Click on Continue to Payment.
  12. Enter your credit card or Visa debit card information, and then click Process Transaction.
  13. Click on Confirm at the Locker Service Screen to finish your transaction. A payment confirmation and a locker rental confirmation will be sent to your George Brown email.
  14. Done! You can view your rental details at any time by following steps 1 to 5 and clicking Rental Details.

2. Where Do I Find My Lock Combination Code?

  • All lockers are equipped with a GBC combination lock.
  • You will receive an email with your locker rental details, including your combination PIN to open the lock (not your proof of payment email).
  • Students must use the GBC lock and must leave lock at the end of the rental period.
  • Please leave the GBC provided lock on the locker. If the lock is removed and missing, there will be a fee. 

3. How Do I Open My Locker?

Step 1. Turn RIGHT 3 times, stop at the first number.
Step 2. Turn LEFT one full turn passing the first number to stop at the second number.
Step 3. Turn RIGHT and stop at the third number.
Step 4. Pull Lock.

4. How much is a locker and why do I have to pay for it?

Locker rental fee is $20.00 for one semester, $40.00 for two consecutive semesters, and $60.00 for three consecutive semesters. The program provides student employment at the three campuses and covers locker upgrades and maintenance.

5. How do I pay for my locker?

Locker rentals are accessed through your STU-VIEW account, so if you have a credit card or Visa debit card, so if you have a credit card or Visa debit card, you can pick your locker and pay online. Once you complete your payment online, you must confirm the locker details to complete the rental transaction. You will receive two confirmation emails to your George Brown email account: one for your payment, and one with the details of the locker rental.

6. What happens if I get to my new locker and there is already a lock on it?

If you get to your locker and it has been taken, this likely means that someone has bypassed the system and has taken the locker without paying. When this happens, it causes a lot of confusion and wasted time for students. The first thing to do is notify a locker administrator by emailing us at Do not cut the lock yourself—we will remove the lock for you and empty the locker. DO NOT put your lock on a locker that is not assigned to you, it will be cut off.

7. What happens to the items you empty from a locker?

All items removed from a locker will be kept with your campus locker administrator for 10 business days. items will be donated and/or discarded. For retrieval of items removed from a locker, current students must show a registered locker for that term.

8. Can I share a locker with a friend?

If you choose, you may share your locker with a friend—but remember that whoever signs up for the locker is responsible for the locker and the college assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen goods.

9. What happens if I get to my new locker, but the door doesn't work or it's damaged?

If you discover that the locker you have been assigned to is in disrepair, contact the locker administrator as soon as possible. We will have your locker repaired or assign you a new one. Be sure not to wait too long—otherwise, there might not be another locker available for you.

10. Who decides which locker I get?

Each program within the college has specific lockers assigned to it, so that students can have lockers on the right campus and near their classes. The locker system is connected to the college database, so it automatically shows you a list of lockers available to you, once you've logged into STU-VIEW.

11. What if I get to my locker and I don't like it?

Can I switch? To avoid this happening, write down a few numbers from the ones STU-VIEW provides you with and walk through the area to see which one you like. Students can email to switch their lockers with proper student identification. The contents of your old locker must be moved into your new one as soon as possible as it will become available immediately to other students.

12. If I'm enrolled in a program that's longer than two semesters, can I keep the same locker?

Once you have been assigned a locker, it is registered to your name. If you want to keep your locker for the following year, all you have to do is log into the locker program in STU-VIEW and renew your locker. For example, you can book a locker for your third semester while you are still in your first semester. Don't wait too long, though, since your locker will be available to other students for rent after your rental term expires.

13. What if I want my locker for another year, but it's already been booked by someone else?

Before the start of a new semester or academic year, students already renting lockers will have a few weeks to renew their lockers for their following semester. After this window passes, however, all the lockers that have not been renewed will be made available for all students to rent. If you want to be sure to keep your locker, make sure you renew it before the end of your rental term. If it is taken you will have to move your belongings to your new locker as the lock will be cut.

14. I logged in to STU-VIEW, but why can't I get a locker?

Locker rental registration begins when web registration opens for the coming term. There are a limited number of lockers at the college and groups of lockers are assigned to each program. So if you can't get a locker, it likely means that all of the lockers assigned to your program have already been rented. If this happens, go to the St. James Campus Store, notify a locker administrator and ask if there are any lockers coming available, or if there's a chance for you to get a locker assigned to a different program.

15. What happens if I decide I don't want my locker anymore? Can I get my money back?

If you decide you don't need your locker you can cancel by visiting the St. James Campus Store. However, if you decide to cancel more than 10 business days after the semester start date, you will not receive a refund.

16. What happens if someone breaks into my locker?

If someone forcefully enters your locker, it is a criminal act and needs to be reported to Campus Security as soon as possible. The safe recovery of your items depends in large part on how quickly you report the theft. If you are sharing a locker, be sure to let the person you are sharing it with know what has happened.

We advise that you never keep things such as cell phones and wallets in your locker. George Brown College assumes no liability for the loss of any items stored in lockers.

17. Does the college have the right to access my locker without my permission?

The college reserves the right to access lockers at its sole discretion if there is a suspected security risk or there is an environmental concern such as pest control or odours. Security has the right to enter a locker at anytime should they suspect it contains items that put the college environment in danger. Any criminal activity will be reported to police. The college is required to provide police with access in the event of a criminal investigation.

Please also review the locker policy page.

Locker security tips

  • Don't leave valuables in our locker including cash, electronics or expensive jackets.
  • Don't share your combination with anyone.
  • Test your lock to ensure it's reliable.
  • Contact campus security at (416) 415-4000 if your locker has been broken into or if you witness a locker being forced open.

Unauthorized use of lockers

Locker use unauthorized by the locker program will result in your lock being cut and belongings removed. Please read the Student Locker Rental Policy and Regulations.

**George Brown College is not responsible for lost items from your locker.

Contact information for the locker program

A Locker Administrator is available at St. James Campus Store, 200 King E.

Any other inquiries please refer to the Ask George FAQ page.

For related tips and more information please refer to: Public Safety & Security or the Toronto Police Service.