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What is Gartner?

With over 1,900 research analysts, Gartner is a leading research and advisory company that provides accurate and current research for the technology industry. Gartner helps individuals and organizations in over 80 countries worldwide translate complex IT issues into meaningful market analysis. Through George Brown College's subscription, students, faculty and staff have access to research and reports, a personal library, and webinars to learn about digital trends.

Ready to try Gartner?

To access your account, you can head over to George Brown's Gartner site and log in with your single-sign-on (SSO) credentials.

How can Gartner support your work?


Gartner offers convenient access to the latest in information technology-related topics including trends and insights, information and analytics. These offerings can help students conduct research for assignments, projects and experiential learning.


Gartner provides real-world case studies from industry experts that can be used in classrooms looking to explore topical, complex issues related to technology.


Staff can leverage Gartner's market-leading research to help understand technological landscapes and inform IT decision making.