Application Process for International Students

George Brown College offers more than 150 career-focused certificate, diploma, postgraduate and degree programs. One of the widest ranges of full-time college programs in Canada.

Most of our programs have work placement components which put students in actual jobs in their field of interest.

Before you apply

Not all programs are available to international students, check the list of programs open to international students to ensure that you are eligible.

To be admitted into the post-secondary program of your choice you must meet the admission requirements, so confirm that you meet the criteria before you begin your application.

Understanding Program Capacity

We receive far more applications than spaces available. As a result, we process international applications on a selective basis. This means that on a program-by-program basis, we may establish processing priorities based on academic quality of applicants, program capacity, and institutional diversity goals.

Ensuring diversity within our international student population is a key priority of George Brown College. We are committed to balancing our international student body so that a wide range of regions and countries is represented. This is essential to ensuring that both our domestic and international students have a truly global experience, reflecting the many and varied viewpoints that international students bring to the classroom.

We do not have the capacity to admit all applicants who meet the minimum general and program-specific requirements. Programs can close early if international enrollment for the program is achieved and there is no more capacity. Submission of an application does not guarantee an offer of a place in a program.

How to apply

Find Out When To Apply

Due to the high volume of applications received, we are not able to provide exact processing times. However, current application processing time is approximately 4+ weeks.

Processing time starts when we begin reviewing applications and issuing offers, not from time of application submission.

Please note that we will not begin reviewing applications/issuing offers until 6-7 months prior to the start of a selected term (example: end of Jan. 2020 for Sept. 2020 intake).

We are currently accepting/reviewing applications and processing offers as per the Admissions Cycle charts below.

Applications Cycle Dates

Application Cycle 2021-2022

Program Intake Sept. 2021 Start Jan. 2022 Start May 2022 Start
Intake open on Online Application System (OAS) for submission of application December 14, 2020 April 5, 2021 August 2, 2021
Application review and Offer issuance begins February 1, 2021 June 21, 2021 October 18, 2021
First day of classes September 7, 2021 January 10, 2022 May 9, 2022

*Applications for conditional admission through English for Academic Purposes (EAP) will be processed throughout the year according to the EAP start dates.

Apply Online

Applying to George Brown College as an international student is easy. Once you've decided what program you would like to apply for, simply complete and submit your application online attaching scanned copies of necessary supporting documents. You can find more information about what supporting documents are required in the Admission Requirements section.

Conditional Admission Through EAP (ESL)

Applicants from eligible countries† who do not meet George Brown's English language entry requirements may be offered a conditional acceptance for College diploma, postgraduate and degree programs which will be subject to successful completion of level 8 or 9 of George Brown's English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program.

Please click here for more information on the EAP Application Process.

† For applicants from some countries (e.g., countries where English is the first/official language and countries in South Asia) we are not able to provide the option of a Letter of Acceptance to the George Brown College English for Academic Purposes Program (EAP) as it has been our experience that Study Permit applicants from specific countries are rejected by the Canadian visa office for a Study Permit (visa) when there is an ESL (English as a Second Language) component requested. For applicants from South Asian countries (India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka) it is highly recommended to submit official TOEFL or IELTS scores.

Using An Authorized Agent

George Brown College maintains a network of authorized international agents who play an important role in aiding prospective students through their application process while representing the College in a professional and trustworthy manner at all times. Some agents charge a fee for visa counselling. We encourage students who plan to use the services of an agent representative to ask, in advance, what those fees are. 

Please note that George Brown College does not process applications from unauthorized agents. 

If you have any questions or concerns related to hiring an agent please contact the appropriate Business Development Officer for your region.

Receiving an Offer

After we receive your complete application it will be reviewed by our admissions officers once the admissions cycle has begun. For programs that require review by the academic department (under Divisional Selection) it may take longer to process your application.

If all required documents and payments are in order, we will issue a Letter of Acceptance (LOA). This letter must be included in your Study Permit (visa) application to the Canadian Immigration Office at the Canadian Embassy or Consulate

We prioritize complete applications that include all documents required to make an admission decision.  

Please carefully review the admissions requirements by country to ensure all documents are submitted and your application is complete.

George Brown assesses admissibility to your first program choice. Your second program choice will only be assessed if you are not eligible for admission to your first choice.

Please note also that there may be an additional $95 application fee required for application deferrals. 

Find out what to do after you receive an offer