Emergency Preparedness and Guidelines

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Emergency Plan

George Brown College Emergency Preparedness is governed by our Emergency Plan (E.P.), its design is based on the protocols of the CSA Z1600 (Emergency Management and Business Continuity Standard).

George Brown College Emergency Management Plan 

Emergency Notification System

As part of George Brown College’s emergency plan we are also implementing the Emergency Notification System (ENS).

Emergency Response Team

An Emergency Response Team (E.R.T.) has received institutional authorization to manage all incidents and emergencies impacting our campuses. This team responds to all college emergency situations; security personnel being the first responders with the addition of First Aid and Plant personnel assisting when warranted.

Emergency Exercises

For the purposes of training, and to ensure efficiency, emergency exercises are regularly conducted on all George Brown College campuses.  Large or full scale training exercises are announced to the college community prior to activation in order to prevent unnecessary confusion. All large or full emergency training exercises will be posted to the George Brown College website.

George Brown College Emergency Procedures

Find more information on George Brown College Emergency Procedures.

Public Safety Canada

For the Public Safety Canada’s guidelines on Emergency Preparedness, please click on the following link: http://www.publicsafety.gc.ca/

GBC Safety App

We strongly recommend downloading the GBC Safety app for a safer semester on campus.  

The app allows you to call emergency services (both 911 and campus security) at the touch of a button, send your live location to GBC Security if you need assistance on campus or to a trusted friend when travelling, and report a tip of any safety concern or suspicious activity on campus.

We also encourage you to watch our safety videos, which will allow you to better prepare for an emergency should it happen on campus. These videos explain what to do in the event of a shelter-in-place, lockdown or hold and secure. 

Download the GBC Safety app:

Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)

To access more information on AODA, please click the following link: http://www.aoda.ca/  

Public Awareness for George Brown Emergency Preparedness

George Brown College and the Public Safety and Security Division are working for the preparedness of the George Brown College community to respond during an emergency. As part of this initiative we are promoting emergency-specific procedures on our website as well as on free informational materials near the main entrances at the St. James, Casa Loma, and Waterfront campuses.