Welcome to Peerconnect

While the college remains closed to ensure the health and safety of our community during COVID-19, all in-person Peerconnect events on campus are closed until further notice. You can continue to access our supports online.

Welcome to Peerconnect Community!

At Peerconnect, our goal is to help students during their time at George Brown through our student-focused programming. All our coaches at Peerconnect Community are also students. They have experience with the pressures of balancing work, school and personal lives. This lived experience is at the heart of what we do.

How do we support students?

Peerconnect Community offers support under three pillars: Good Food, Inclusion, and Well-Being. Our aim is to provide students with workshops, peer-to-peer supports, and events and programs to help them thrive both personally and as students. At Peerconnect, Community is connection.

Our three pillars of service are:

Well Being

Meant to help you ease the burden of student life and build resilience for the future while you’re here at George Brown College. 


Meant to help reduce participation barriers experienced by many marginalized groups, by broadening the knowledge of the student body to understand differences and work towards including rather than setting apart.

Good Food

Meant to provide students with information and resources around healthy, affordable food options at George Brown and beyond. Through community meal programs, markets and other programs, we provide food and information that helps students make informed decisions and supports student food security.