Mentorship Programs

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One-on-One Wellness Mentorship

Peer Support for mental health. Connect with another GBC student, who has gone through the stress of balancing school, work, and life. We provide a safer space to be able to speak freely, and our mentors respond with empathy. We can also help navigate to community resources upon request. 

Access Navigation Mentorship

Peer Support for the Accessible Learning Services community. Students interacting with Accessibility Learning Services have access to Mentors who can help students facing barriers related to understanding expectations, participating in classes, and navigating college processes.  

You must be referred by Accessible Learning Services to participate in this program. 

Breaking Free Substance Use Support

Breaking Free is a government of Ontario-sponsored program that helps you set and meet goals relating to substance use, whether drugs, alcohol or even cigarettes. If you’re thinking about making a change, Peer Mentor+ can help.

Did you know?

Peer Mentor+ offers a self-selection appointment portal for all one-on-one peer mentorship appointments. Visit the website below and follow the on-screen prompts to find the right mentor for your needs.