Human Services Foundations Program (A113)

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As part of the School of Work and College Preparation commitment to student success, students in this program receive individual support that includes access to a career and academic pathway advisor and the option to join a peer learning group.  

Program Overview

George Brown College’s Human Services Foundations (A113) is a two-semester program designed to kickstart your career journey. In a supportive learning environment, you will strengthen your academic skills to be prepared for entry-level employment in the human services sector and/or further education in a variety of human services–related diploma programs. You will gain foundational knowledge in sociology and psychology and enhance your communication and teamwork skills, while developing an understanding of the systemic issues that impact individuals and communities. Working with classmates in an inclusive team environment, you will explore personal and professional goals and career pathway options for future success in the human services field.

Full Description

George Brown College’s Human Services Foundations (A113) is a certificate program that will help you develop the academic skills you need to thrive in human services programs and related career pathways.

In a supportive learning environment, you will study human behaviour with a focus on psychology, sociology and anti-oppressive practice – establishing an essential foundation that will set you up for success both in the classroom and in the human services sector.

You will work in small groups to build the skills you need to work as an effective team member. Activities will focus on developing and strengthening collaboration and effective communication skills and will teach you how to form positive working relationships in diverse and inclusive team environments.

In the Human Services Foundations program, you will learn:

  • to think critically by applying effective communication and research skills to present information in a factual, confident, and objective manner
  • to identify the systemic barriers that impact equity and inclusion on individuals and community groups in Canadian society
  • the role human services professionals play in removing systemic barriers
  • the many career pathway options that exist in the human services sector
  • to make informed decisions about your future academic and professional goals
  • academic and life skills, including greater self awareness, that will enable your success not only at college, but in the workforce and as an engaged member of society
  • strategies for wellness, lifelong learning and self-development

As part of our commitment to student success, the School of Work and College Preparation has established a variety of supports to help you achieve your academic and career goals.

  • Student Success Counsellor – You will have individual access to a counsellor who will help design solutions to overcome challenges that may inhibit your success at college.
  • Pathway Advisor – You will meet with a Pathway Advisor to discuss your specific academic and career goals. With that information, you will be supported as you explore potential pathway opportunities.
  • Peer Learning Group – As a student in this program, you will have the option to attend a weekly Peer Learning Group. This group is facilitated by a former graduate who is a current student in one of our diploma programs. This mentor will provide support on course content and program assignments.

For a list of George Brown’s human services sector–related programs that you may qualify for upon graduation from the (A113) program, click the Career and Postgraduate Study Opportunities tab on the left side of this page.

Career & Postgraduate Study Opportunities

Career Options


Educational Pathways

Human Services Foundations (A113) graduates who wish to pursue further study at George Brown College, will be exempt from repeating College English (COMM 1007) and one General Education Elective (GNED) course.

(A113) graduates may consider applying to one of these human services career-focussed programs:

PLEASE NOTE: There are a limited number of seats available in these programs and admission is not guaranteed.

Alumni Impact

We are immensely proud of the contributions of our alumni in Toronto and around the globe.
From Michelin-starred restaurants to major construction, entertainment, community and financial organizations, our graduates are truly making an impact across a range of industries.

Latest alumni stories 

Headshot of Andre Luiz Santos Carvalho

As a Newcomer and International Student, I arrived in Canada excited and eager to be victorious in my new path. However, every new experience comes with insecurities and challenges. The Pre-Community Service program at George Brown College provided me with tools to develop my skills and the confidence to pursue my educational and professional goals. I received significant support from my professors, my classmates and the services available by the institution.

Andre Luiz Santos Carvalho
Ontario College Certificate

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