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Admissions Testing

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What is an Admission Assessment?     

The Admission Assessment in English, math and/or science is taken by mature applicants as part of the application process. The Admission Assessment measures if the applicant has the academic skills required to start the program.


Mature applicant: a person who is 19 years of age or older on the start date of the program, and who does not have the required program credit(s) i.e., Grade 12 English.


If you have already accepted an offer of admission from George Brown College, you may need to take a Placement Assessment.


When and where do I take my assessment?

You will receive a letter with the admission assessment information from the Registrar’s Office. You should book your appointment immediately upon receipt of your testing letter.


NOTE: Leave yourself some time to review and prepare for the assessment as the results are important to your admission process.


For test dates and locations, see How do I book my assessment below.


How Do I Book My Assessment?

To book an appointment, follow the steps below:
1. Log into your STU View account
2. Click on the 'Registration Services' tab
3. Click on 'Registration'
4. Click on 'Admission Assessment Booking' or 'English/Math Placement Test Booking'
5. Choose your appointment date from the ones listed
If you want a date that you do not see listed on the website, please try again closer to your desired date. If you do not know your password, please contact the Contact Centre at (416) 415 2000, they will help you reset your password, but it is your responsibility to book your assessment appointment.


    Booking test accommodations by students registered with Accessible Learning Services

    If you have not registered with Accessible Learning Services, but you think you might be entitled to accommodations, contact Don Kezima, Intake Co-ordinator, or visit the Accessible Learning Services main page.

    If you are already registered with Accessible Learning Services, go to Testing Accomodations for GBC Students Registered with Accessible Learning Services.


    How do I take my George Brown Admission Assessment if I live far from the college?


    It may be possible to take the Admission Assessment off-site, at another institution. You will need to make arrangements with an educational institution near you, where you can take the assessment.


    Only invigilators working in a full-time teaching, administrative, or counselling position in a recognized post-secondary institution (college or university) will be approved.


    That institution will administer the assessment, make sure that it is conducted under the correct conditions, and send the completed assessment to George Brown College.


    How do I book an off-site assessment?

    1. You and the invigilator will need to complete the off-site request form.
    2. Send the completed form to the George Brown Assessment Centre by email (

    How do I pay for the assessment fee?

        • Please note that you will also be responsible for any additional courier fees.

            • Ensure that you provide to your invigilator a pre-paid envelope addressed to the Casa Loma Assessment Centre, and enclose the test fee with the completed assessment. Assessments received without the fee will not be processed.



              Is there a charge for the Assessment?

              Admission Assessment Fees

              Math OR Science (One subject only)$35.00
              English only (including General English Assessment)$40.00
              English AND Math$40.00
              English, Math and Science$40.00
              CLBPT - George Brown College program applicants (admission testing)$60.00
              Manual Dexterity/Spacial Relationship Test$20.00


              Placement Assessment Fees

               There are no fees for placement assessments.


              Other Fees

              Proctoring services for other institutions ( per test)$50.00
              Proctoring of Apprenticeship Trade Exemption exams (per test)$150.00
              Proctoring of Asbestos Abatement Tests (per test)$75.00



              Types of payment accepted: 

              Cash (exact amount)


              Credit Card (Visa or Master Card)

              Certified cheque or money order (payable to George Brown College)



              NOTE: Personal cheques are not accepted, and the Assessment Centre does not give change for non-exact cash amounts payed.

              What do I need to bring to my assessment?      

              Before Test Day

              • Check that you know where to go. Most assessment appointments are at the St. James Campus.

              • Check the time and date of your appointment and be on time. 

              • Prepare for the assessment by following this link to our Preparation and Resources page.

              • Your test results are considered in admission and course placement decisions. 

              What to Bring

              • You will be required to present a valid government- issued photo ID to confirm your identity.

              Acceptable forms of ID:

              • Driver’s License

              • Canadian Citizenship Card

              • Passport

              • Permanent Resident Card

              • Provincial Photo ID Card

              • Certificate of Indian Status Card

              • George Brown College Student Card

               If you are taking an Admission or Placement Assessment, have the test letter you received from the Registrar’s Office (printed or e-mail).


              • Bring the test fee. For assessment fee information, see Test Fees.

              • Bring a pen/pencil.

              What NOT to bring

              • Do not bring any valuables as George Brown College/The Assessment Centre is not responsible for your belongings or personal items.
              • You will be required to leave all your belongings (including any food, drinks or liquids) in the test lab storage area. 

              • A limited number of lockers are available for $1 in the testing area ($1 coin will be refunded after use).

              • Electronic devices are not allowed in the test lab. If you bring any electronic devices, you will be required to turn the device off and leave them in the test lab storage area unless your approved test accommodations include the use of electronics.

              • Smart-watches will NOT BE allowed into the testing lab.

              • Do not bring a calculator unless your approved accommodations require it.


              Special Circumstances

              • If you arrive for your assessment feeling sick or anxious or under-prepared, and feel that it may affect your performance on the assessment, please consider re-booking your assessment for another day. Please inform one of the staff members for assistance.
              • If you experience any problems while taking your assessment, please inform one of the proctors in the test lab for assistance. Please be advised that any problems encountered on test day may be documented by the Assessment Centre for future reference. 
              • If you arrive late for your assessment, you will have the option to re-book. Please inform one of the Assessment Centre staff members for assistance.

                If tests are not completed prior to closing time, you will be required to return on another day.


              What assessments will I take and how will I prepare?


              1. Check which assessments you will be required to take.

              If you are a student preparing to take the Admission Assessment, please click Admission Assessment by Program.  If you are not sure which assessment you will be taking, go to What is an Admission Assessment?  

              If you are a student preparing to take the Placement Assessment, please click Placement Assessment by Program. If you are not sure which assessment you will be taking, go to What is a Placement Assessment?


              1. Visit Preparation and Resources to prepare for your assessment.

              How will I know my results?


              Please note that your application(s) cannot proceed until you have completed all parts of your Admission Assessment.

                • Your assessment results will be reviewed by the Registrar’s Office.
                  • The Registrar’s Office will notify you if you are offered a place in the program(s) through your StuView account and by letter.

                      • You will not receive any results on the day you take the assessment(s).

                          • After an admission decision has been made, you may wish to meet with an Assessment Advisor to go over your assessment results. We do not issue letters with test results. We cannot discuss the assessment results over the phone.

                              For the Assessment Advisor contact information, see Contact Us.


                            • Test Preparation


                              Try our English and math preparation materials including guides, links, sample questions, and more!