School‑College‑Work Initiatives – Dual Credit Program

Giving Students the Opportunity to Experience Post-secondary!

The Dual Credit program is intended to assist secondary school students, between the age of 16 to 21 years of age, in their completion of their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) and successfully transition to college and apprenticeship programs. Students also have the opportunity to explore different careers.

Background about GBC and Dual Credit

The Dual Credit program is made possible through the School College Work Initiative (SCWI) with funding provided by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Colleges and Universities. In 2007, George Brown College offered Dual Credit courses for the first time to 30 students. Today, there are over 950 dual credit students enrolled in George Brown College courses each year.

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"Accelerated" Ontario Youth Apprenticeship (OYAP) Dual Credit program


"Helped us to prepare for Post-Secondary." – Dual Credit Student

"I learned that I put off studying till the last minute and I need to work on that. I also learned that I have an easier time remembering information when I make summarized notes. I feel as if I understand Psychology better now and can apply it to my own life." – Dual Credit Student

"Over the last few years our students have done very well when given the opportunity to pursue these credits. It is very rewarding to see these students truly 'buy in', and explore their potential at the College level and achieve success in a setting that really existed only in their dreams. For those students we see a renewed dedication to their high school courses and a belief for the first time that college is a viable destination for them." - Dual Credit High School Teacher

Advice to Future Students from Past GBC Dual Credit Grads

  • Study ahead of time
  • Refer back to your textbook
  • Attend every class because when the professor demonstrates the PowerPoints , you'll have a better understanding
  • Ask Questions!
  • Do the assignments, they will boost up your mark
  • Make summarized notes/ simplified notes, don't write it word for word
  • Make connections with the material, to things you will remember
  • Communicate with your professor ahead of time or email the day of if you will not be able to attend a class

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