Accelerated Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program

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Program Description:

Accelerated OYAP Level 1 programs are significantly different from most Dual Credit courses offered at George Brown College in terms of the application process, level of commitment, and class schedule. These programs are for students who have a serious interest pursuing a career in the Skilled Trades. The programs are offered to students who are currently registered as full-time students in high school, are about to graduate, and are planning a career in the Skilled trades. George Brown College is offering six (6) Accelerated OYAP programs during Winter 2024:

  • Construction and Maintenance Electrician Apprentice (309A)
  • Plumber Apprentice (306A)
  • Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Systems Mechanic Apprentice (313A)
  • Basic Carpentry Apprentice (403A)
  • Cook (415A)
  • Baker (423A)

The schooling provided is the Level 1 of trade school for apprentice training.

Program Details:

Students register for Co-op at their high school for the Winter semester. If accepted into the Accelerated OYAP program, they will attend a full-time program at George Brown College. All Accelerated OYAP Level 1 programs have an extensive lab/shop component which students must attend in order to successfully complete their Level 1 training and students must pass all courses to achieve the Level One.  Students have the opportunity to learn valuable skills that may be beneficial towards finding employment in the industry.  

Technology programs are held at George Brown’s Casa Loma campus (146 Kendal Avenue, Toronto.), where students will have a total of 240 hours of theory and lab training. 

Culinary programs are held at George Brown’s Centre for Hospitality and Culinary Arts (300 Adelaide St. East, Toronto) with a total of 366 hours of theory and lab training.

Construction & Maintenance Electrician Apprentice (309A)

In the Construction & Maintenance Electrician Level 1 program, students will enroll in courses such as: Electrical Code, Installation Methods, Instrumentation, Prints and Electronics.

Plumber Apprentice (306A)

In the Plumber Apprentice Level 1 program, students will enroll in courses such as: Plumbing Systems, Tools and Piping Methods, Trade Calculations, Workplace Safety, Rigging and Hoisting, Trade Documentation, and Welding.

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Systems Mechanic Apprentice (313A)

In this Level 1 program, students will enroll in courses such as: Mechanical Cooling Cycle Fundamentals, Mechanical Cooling Cycle Components, Electrical Fundamentals, Trade Practices, and Pipe Joining Installation and System Start-up and Welding.  The Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems Mechanic Level 1 program is a general program which covers basic components of commercial and residential air conditioning.  For Levels 2 & 3, students will choose between the commercial air conditioning and residential air conditioning pathways.

Basic Carpentry Apprentice (403A) 

This program is designed for students who are about to graduate and are seriously planning a career as a Carpenter. Courses included are “Introduction to Carpentry” and “Trade Calculations” and there is an extensive lab/shop component to the program. Students have the opportunity to learn valuable skills that can help them find work in the industry and get a head start on an apprenticeship.  The schooling provided is the Basic Level of trade school for apprentices training to be General Carpenters.  Students may earn up to two secondary school credits in this program.

Cook (415A)

In the Cook level 1, students will enroll in courses such as Kitchen Management, Food Theory, Basic Nutrition, Culinary Techniques, Business Development, Techniques of Baking, Bake Theory.

Baker (423A)

In the Baker level 1, students will enroll in courses such as Fermentation and Related Skills, Bakery and Bake Shop Skills, Sanitation, Safety and Equipment, Pastry,  Calculations theory, Ingredients theory.

Admission Requirements:

Students interested in these programs must first submit an application to the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) Coordinator at their school board. Please see the Co-operative Education teacher at your secondary school to begin the application process. Candidates chosen for consideration may be required to go through an interview/testing process with a selection committee.


  • Students can earn up to two Dual Credits that count towards their OSSD requirements.
  • If successful in all courses, students will achieve their Level 1 Apprenticeship training
  • The program is free (transportation, textbooks, and student fees are covered)
  • Students will be registered George Brown college students and receive a student number and identification card
  • Access to all college services (Gym, Library, Computer labs) and events
  • An official transcript will be provided at the end of the course upon request
  • For further information about all Accelerated OYAP programs, contact your School Board representative or OYAP Coordinator below:

School Board Contacts

Toronto District School Board

Matthew Bradley
Coordinator: OYAP Secondary Pathways 7-12
140 Borough Drive, 2nd Floor
Toronto, ON M6M 3P1
Phone: (647) 467-9744

Shannon McLeod
Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program
1 Civic Centre Court, 1st floor
Etobicoke, ON M9C 2B3
Phone: (647) 458-8652

Toronto Catholic District School Board

Caterina Maietta
OYAP Lead Teacher
80 Sheppard Avenue East
Toronto, ON M2N 6E8
Phone: (416) 222-8282

York Region District School Board

Erin Keyzers
Co-op/OYAP Consultant

David Lovisa
YRDSB Regional Dual Credit / OYAP Teacher
(office) (905) 780-7858, ext. 181
(cell) (647) 545-6927 (OYAP)

York Catholic District School Board

Nat Gencarelli
Pathways Consultant, K to 12
OYAP/Dual Credit
320 Bloomington Road West,
Aurora, ON L4G 0M1
Tel. (905) 713-1211, ext. 13666
Phone (647) 518-7012

Peel District School Board

Lisa Shen
Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program Resource Teacher
5650 Hurontario St.
Mississauga, ON L5R 1C6

Frank Palmieri
OYAP Monitor and Support OfficerPeel District School Board

Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board

Alda Nunes
Academic Consultant: OYAP and Experiential Consultant, 7-12
Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board 
40 Matheson Boulevard West, Mississauga ON L5R 1C5
Tel: 905-890-1221, ext. 24516; Direct: 905-301-9263