Accessible Learning Services (ALS) is a resource for students, faculty and staff at George Brown College (GBC) to support the inclusion of a diverse student population.

ALS facilitates equitable access to education for students with disabilities in accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code's Policy on Accessible Education and Policy on Ableism and Discrimination based on Disability, AODA Education Standards, GBC's Accessible Learning Policy, as well as GBC's Vision 2030 and Strategy 2026.  

Removing barriers to learning 

A female instructor in a classroom talking to a group of male and female students sitting in front of laptops.

Accessible Learning Services works within a framework where barriers are not within the individual but within the environment. For example, the information provided only in an auditory format in a lecture-based classroom environment creates a barrier. It can limit the participation of all students and their opportunities to access vital information. Best practices recommend providing multiple ways of accessing information (e.g., electronic format) to ensure full participation, limit barriers to learning and promote inclusion of diverse individuals. 

Once students register with ALS and meet with their accessibility consultant, they discuss barriers to learning and create a customized accommodation plan based on the student's documented disability, their experience in the classroom and the program's requirements. 

This webpage has been created by gathering resources and best practices in line with other institutions across Canada and the US. We want to acknowledge the influence of other institutions, namely, Sheridan College, Humber College, Mohawk College, University of Toronto, CCAI, CACUSS and AHEAD

Partnering with Faculty

Accessible Learning Services is multidisciplinary and assigned to specific academic programs, facilitating familiarity with the program, course content and delivery. This allows us to collaborate and support faculty to ensure reasonable and effective accommodations for students and new barriers are not created. ALS helps faculty to problem-solve around removing barriers within the learning environment by: 

  • Consulting faculty on students' accommodation plans and implementation. 
  • Advising faculty on accessible course materials and providing resources. 
  • Attending faculty meetings to discuss accommodation processes and barrier prevention. 

Accessible Learning Guidelines and Process Manual for Students and Faculty 

This manual has been created to provide students and faculty with more detailed information on how to apply testing and academic and field placement accommodations.  

Download the Guidelines and Process Manual

If you have further questions, please contact the accessibility consultant listed on the accommodation plan. 

Faculty support 

Faculty members with questions about inclusive classroom practices can connect with the Teaching and Learning Exchange (TLX) for more training and support. 


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