When a weapon is reported on a person or in an automobile on campus grounds students, faculty, staff and visitors are to follow the direction of Campus Security, Members of Public Safety and Security Division, or Emergency Services personnel if on scene.

Faculty and Staff will:  

If a weapon is observed or reported to a faculty/staff member, treat the situation as an Active Threat. Faculty/staff will assist students to move to and remain in a secure location, and report the situation to Campus Security at: 416-415-4000 or “0” from any George Brown College internal Cisco phone, if safe to do so, and dial 911 to report.

Secure and barricade the classroom and office doors and cover windows, if possible. Keep away from windows and turn lights off. Keep everyone in the secure area. Faculty/staff members are not to investigate the situation further. Take direction only from a police officer, Campus Security officer or a Member of the Public Safety and Security Division.

If you are made aware that a weapon is reported to be on campus grounds, but not an immediate threat, notify Campus Security immediately and take direction from a police officer, Campus Security or a member of the Public Safety and Security Division. Remain with the person who reported the weapon to you. Campus Security and police will want to speak to you regarding this.

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