Hostage Situations

George Brown College recognizes Toronto Police Services as the authority governing shooting and hostage incidents. If you are involved in a situation where someone has taken a hostage; been taken hostage; or in a situation where the taking of a hostage is a distinct possibility, the following are a list of actions that are recommended:

If you believe that it is safe, exit the building immediately and move far away from the building, in a direction away from the captor.

  • Notify anyone you may encounter as you go, to exit the building immediately.
  • Notify Toronto Police Services: dial 911 to report.
  • Notify Campus Security at 416-415-4000 or “0” on any George Brown College internal Cisco phone. Communications will be coordinated between Police and Campus Security.
  • Assist persons with disabilities in exiting the area.
  • Provide the following information when notifying Police or Campus Security:
    • Your name
    • Location of the incident (be as specific as possible)
    • Identification and/or description of the captor(s)
    • Number of persons who may be involved
    • Your present location

If you are directly involved in the incident and/or exiting the building is not possible, the following actions are recommended:

  1. Go to the nearest room or office.
  2. Close and secure the door and/or barricade the door if possible.
  3. Cover any glass panel in the door and windows if possible.
  4. Go to the furthest point away from the door or windows.
  5. Keep quiet and act as if no one is in the room.
  6. Get down and stay close to the floor
  7. DO NOT respond to requests to open the door unless you are sure that it is the Toronto Police Services outside. NOTE: Campus Security and/or Police will have Master keys to access the room.
  8. Notify Campus Security at:
    416-415-4000 or,  “0” on any George Brown College internal Cisco phone, if safe to do so, using your personal phone, and provide appropriate information.

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