List of situations when there are 'active threats':

  1. Off Campus (exterior to building)
  2. On Campus
  3. In a campus building
  4. In a classroom or office

Procedures to deal with the above situations:

  1. Perimeter Lockdown
  2. Lockdown

Perimeter Lockdown

Perimeter Lockdown is defined as: action taken by the College to maintain building containment while permitting movement within a building. Perimeter Lockdown is most commonly used when an event is deemed unsafe for the occupants of the building, occurring outside of the building and may include securing exterior doors and monitoring entrances to allow authorized access. Only persons authorized by George Brown College will be permitted to enter the building.

During a Perimeter Lockdown, you will be asked to Shelter in Place. Direction will be provided by Campus Security, members of the GBC Public Safety and Security Division, ERT members and Toronto Police Services.


Lockdown is defined as: extreme actions taken by the college to provide safety for students, faculty, staff, and visitors. During a lockdown direction will be given from Campus Security, Public Safety and Security Division, ERT members and Toronto Police Services. Faculty /staff will close and secure doors to their classrooms and offices, cover all window openings in the room (if possible), shut off the lights and lie on the floor, and stay away from the windows. During a lockdown do not leave the room, answer the door, or allow anyone to enter or leave the premises.

Steps to Take

If you are involved in or witness a violent situation, please:

1) Move

  • Engage in "flight" - if possible, escape the situation.
  • In the event that an attacker is in the same building as you, if you can safely evacuate/exit the building without being seen, then do so.
  • Move to a safe area away from the scene. Do NOT call the building that is under Lockdown.
  • If you cannot escape the building, go to the nearest room or office preferably with a computer and phone accessible.
  • Notify anyone you may encounter to exit the building immediately. Where possible, gather others from open areas.

2) Secure

  • Close and lock door to you room If the door cannot be secured by any method, determine if you can safely move to a classroom or office which can be secured.
  • If your room does not have a lock, secure by whatever means possible (for example by using materials such as large objects or door stoppers available in the room).

3) Communicate

  • Have someone inform Police at 911 and Security "0" from any GBC internal Cisco phone and give all details possible (including location, description of suspect, injured persons, etc)
  • Our Emergency Notification System will alert the college community, through a visual and auditory message, of any active threat inside the College.

4) Actions in Shelter

  • Cover all windows which may allow sight into the classroom or office.
  • Account for everyone in the room. 
  • Turn off all lights, computers, projectors or any other devices that may indicate a room is occupied. 
  • Lie on the floor or hide behind walls or furniture.
  • Encourage all individuals to remain quiet and calm.
  • Silence all cell devices so as not to interfere with emergency communications.
  • Do not respond to anyone at the door until "all clear" is announced over the Emergency Notification System (ENS).

5) Following Instructions

  • Call 911 if you have specific information regarding the threat. Give all details possible including the location.
  • Do not call campus Security asking for updates. Only call to provide information regarding information about the threat(s). 
  • Stay where you are until Police or Campus Security have notified otherwise.
  • In the event of a fire alarm, remain in your secured rooms and wait for further direction over the ENS, only if it is safe to do so.
  • If you are directed to leave your secured area, assist others in moving as quietly and quickly as possible.
  • How will you know it's safe to leave? 
  • Unsecure the door to leave only if you receive Emergency Notification System (ENS) audio and text, on the Cisco phone messaging system, or
  • A member of Toronto Police Services or the Security Team will unsecure and enter the room as they proceed to investigate the building.
  • We realize this could take some time and we will attempt to communicate where at all possible.
  • Further instruction will be provided from Police or College Administration. Please quickly and quietly follow instructions.