Active Threat Within Your Classroom

Please take the following steps in the event that an active threat enters a classroom or office.

  1. Immediately call Campus Security at 416-415-4000 or 0 from a George Brown College internal Cisco phone. 
    If you are confronted and unable to speak, do not hang up the phone unless ordered to do so by the attacker.
  2. If you are unable to safely escape or hide, you may be able to negotiate with the attacker.
    Consider the following techniques:
    • Remain calm, sound confident, and do not raise the tone of your voice
    • Do not respond defensively
    • Do not touch the person
    • Do not invade their personal space (3 to 6 feet)
    • Do not challenge the attacker
    • Do not accept a weapon if offered, instead ask that it be laid down.