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Hiring a work experience student provides you with an opportunity to explore potential future employees, and increase your workforce during peak periods - all without the cost of recruitment!


    • Gain regular access to a pool of highly skilled and qualified individuals.  
    • Students can help fill temporary or short-term staffing needs. 
    • Co-op Terms can provide an opportunity to evaluate potential employees before committing to hiring them full-time. 
    • Students can provide new ideas and fresh perspectives to your workplace.  
    • Provide learning opportunities that will help students build a successful career. 

    What is required of an employer who hosts a student?


    Employers must have a single mentor or a group of individuals who have a background and experience in the student’s field of study. This is an opportunity for students to work directly with someone who is a professional in their field.


    Before posting: a job description and completed employer registration form will be needed to begin the review process.

    When hiring a student: employers will be required to sign a work term agreement that outlines the details of the work term. Additional required documentation can include a WSIB declaration and Covid-19 protocol compliance declarations.


    Students and the employer will need to meet at multiple points during the term to create learning objectives and review progress on completion of the learning objectives.

    Eligible Programs

    Advanced Diploma

    • List of disciplines: Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Business Administration, Supply Chain Management, Project Management, International Business
    • Required # of Hours: unpaid or honorarium work term is limited to 360 hours. Work terms paid minimum wage or higher must be 360 hours or more.
    • Start/end dates: 
      • Winter Term: January - April
      • Spring Term: May - August
      • Fall Term: September – December

    Postgraduate Certificate

    • List of programs: Human Resources Management, Sport and Event Marketing, Digital Media Marketing, Marketing Management Financial Services, Strategic Relationship Marketing.
    • Required # of Hours: unpaid or honorarium work term is limited to 360 hours. Work terms paid minimum wage or higher must be 360 hours or more.
    • Start/end dates:
      • Winter Term: January - April
      • Spring Term: May - August
      • Fall Term: September – December

    Honours Bachelor of Commerce Degree

    • List of Programs: Honours Bachelor of Commerce – Financial Planning, Honours Bachelor of Commerce - Accounting
    • Full-time or Part-time options: Degree students are available for short term contracts, full-time work terms, or ongoing part-time work terms. Degree students must accumulate 420 work term hours to graduate but can accumulate this from multiple employers.

    How to use GBCareers as an employer

    GBCareers is an online platform where employers can post opportunities that our students can apply for. Once you register and create a profile, you’ll be able to post work term opportunities (co-ops and internships) under the Centre for Business section. Jobs that are no work terms (part-time jobs, graduate jobs, full-time summer jobs, volunteer opportunities, etc.) are posted under Career Services. We ask that you do not post work term opportunities in Career Services.

    How does it work?

    • Once you’ve been onboarded, you’ll be able to log in and post your work term opportunities directly to students.
    • You’ll be able to log in and see how many students have looked at your posting.
    • You can choose to be notified every time a student applies so that you can review the applications as they’re made.

    Important Reminders

    • Once you submit an opportunity, it will not be visible to students until approved by staff.
    • If you edit anything on an approved opportunity, it will no longer be visible to students until re-approved by staff.
    • If you want to re-post an existing opportunity for a new semester, do not edit the dates of the original posting, you must “COPY” the opportunity which creates a new posting.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the difference between a co-op and an internship within the Centre for Business?

    Co-op is anything that is paid an hourly minimum wage as per Ontario minimum wage standards. Internships are compensated with honorariums, stipends, bursaries, weekly and monthly allowances. Please note: Internship students have a restriction on the number of hours they are eligible to work, which is 360 hours per term.

    What dates throughout the year can I hire co-op and internship students?

    Co-op and internship students are permitted to start their work terms in September, January, and May.

    I am interested in posting a work term opportunity for a student looking for academic credit. What are my next steps?

    To join our growing roster of co-op and internship employers, please contact A member of our team will then connect with you.

    Do I have to pay my co-op or internship student an hourly wage?

    Employers who post paid opportunities have access to a larger and more competitive talent pool.

    What are the criteria a potential employer must meet in order to gain approval as a co-op or internship mentor?

    The academic discipline that the student is studying must align with the proposed co-op or internship mentor’s credentials or professional experience. For example, a marketing professional must mentor a marketing student. Additional criteria apply and will be discussed by a member of our team.


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