What is Work Experience?

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Work Experience Overview

In the Centre for Business at George Brown College, Work Experience is positioned as both co-op (pai) and internship (unpaid) work terms. Components of Work Experience terms include:

  • Employers provide students with valuable work experience related to the student’s field of study.
  • While on the work term, students are under the supervision of a manager.
  • At the end of the work term, employers provide a brief evaluation of the student, which counts towards the student’s final grade.
  • Depending on the program, students are available year-round for work terms of 4 or 8-months duration: January-April, May-August and September-December.
  • We simplify the hiring process for you by posting your position, vetting applications and arranging the interviews, whether at your workplace or here at George Brown College. All of these recruitment services are available at no-charge.

The Work Experience Program works for Employers

Students aren't the only ones who benefit from the Work Experience Program; in fact, it's a win-win situation for everyone involved. Work experience employers enjoy the benefits of a skilled employee working for them for a short term, as well as the cost and potential tax advantages that go with it. For some employers, it's a chance to preview a potential employee. Regardless, all employers benefit from graduates who enter the job market with not only the education, training and skills required to work in their field, but who have also had a chance to apply those skills and gain valuable work experience.