Stacy Johnson

(Graduate 2008, Assaulted Women's and Children's Counsellor/Advocate)

Meet Stacy Johnson who graduated from the Assaulted Women's and Children's Counsellor/Advocate program in 2008. Since graduating, Stacy has gone on to apply the skills that she learned to a job that allows her to do work that makes a difference in her community.

Kirishika Ethayarajan

(Graduate 2016, Child and Youth Care)

"I always wanted to be an advocate for children and youth. I met a victim services worker who told me about the program at George Brown. Knowing that I wanted to specialize in child abuse prevention and intervention, I felt that the courses in this program would help me set the foundation for my educational path. I also knew that I wanted to continue pursuing higher education and that Ryerson had a direct entry program, which allows George Brown students to apply to go directly into third year. These reasons and the fact that George Brown provided 2 full-year placements made me choose this program at George Brown."

Hayley Pocock

(Graduate 2016, Child and Youth Care)

"I really feel that this program prepares you well. You're going to learn what you need to know and I think you're learning it from the right people."

Natalie Illanes Nogueira

(Graduate 2015, Community Worker)

"The Community Worker program taught me how to succeed in the field with critical thinking skills, human rights and anti-oppressive based frameworks. The program prepared me for the challenges and joys of working in the field. Wherever I go, I am praised for studying in the Community Worker program. My workplace has more Community Workers from George Brown than anywhere else!"

Michael Waglay

(Graduate 2014, Community Worker)

"If you are interested in working with communities to make society better, then this program is for you. Experienced professors will give you the tools and support you need to effectively advocate for change. Going to the Community Worker program played a major role in getting my first full-time position in the field straight out of school."

Emily Green

(Graduate 2013, Community Worker)

"This program offers an excellent balance between practical skill building, and the development of theoretical analysis. While you will become accredited to work in the social service work field, you will also develop a more critical understanding of society. I feel more able to articulate the injustices that I see in the world around me, and more prepared to participate in strategies toward social change."

Melissa Baldwin

(Graduate 2018, Community Worker (Fast-Track))

"The Community Worker (Fast-Track) program was a really great choice for me. Coming out of university I had a lot of theoretical knowledge about the career I was interested in, but the fast-track program really put my skills into practice and helped me focus my passion for community work. Through my placement, I was able to explore community issues that I never knew I was interested in and was able to network with so many inspiring people in my field! Now I'm applying for my masters with a much better idea about who I am and where I want to be."

Nicholas Obasi 

(Graduate 2018, Community Worker (Fast-Track))

"George Brown College's Community Worker (Fast-Track) program is both an exciting and exhilarating one to pursue. It is an embodiment of the rudiments of our community life in action, equipping the student at completion with the basic tools of community organizing, community development, advocacy, social justice and equity within the framework of anti-oppression.

What's more, the comprehensive hands-on placement program gave me my first practical experience in the field. This program is a complete package and an invaluable one for anyone interested in giving back to society."

Brittany Clayton

(Graduate 2016, Social Service Worker), Community Support Worker, St. Michael's Hospital

"Throughout my two years as a George Brown College student, I have been provided with an adaptable, unique and diverse experience. The learning from my program classes has given me a vibrant edge in the field that undoubtedly shaped my experience as a working professional. The faculty have been incredibly accommodating, understanding, and have created a space where my opinion matters. I have been hired for a full-time position and have received two other phone calls for interviews. George Brown's student placement opportunities, dedicated faculty and leading edge teaching have helped me to become a more confident Social Service Worker and I will forever be grateful."

Gail Poskitt

(Graduate 2013, Social Service Worker (Fast-Track)), Customer Support Representative, PointClickCare

"My teachers at George Brown gave me confidence and inspired me to think and practice in a way that would continually empower individuals that I will be working within the social service field. The supportive learning environment allowed me to gain new perspective in how to deal with challenging situations, and taught me advocacy and problem-solving skills to build individual and community competence and capacity. Most importantly, the field placement component of the program gave me the experience to apply what I had learned in the classroom and carry it out in a real-life setting. The post-degree education I received at George Brown College definitely left a lasting impression on me and it equipped me with the fundamental skills that I use in my social work practice."

Belinda Batista

(Graduate 2013, Social Service Worker)

George Brown social worker finds her place in the helping professions Belinda Batista found her vocation at George Brown College the second time around. After enrolling in one program, she realized that becoming a Social Service Worker was her true calling.