Operated by George Brown College since 2008 and it is located in the heart of St. James Town. The purpose is to support families that live in the community, including those who require before and after school care. Rose Avenue also offers George Brown College ECE students an opportunity to work with school age children within a Toronto District School Board location.

Our centre serves as a model lab school for the diploma and degree programs in the School of Early Childhood, and provides a training ground where college students are supported in developing their skills in working with children and families as they complete the hands on component of their academic program.

Manager: Andrea Prifti
Centre Phone number: 416-922-8827
Address: 675 Ontario Street, Toronto ON, M4X 1N4
Age groups accommodated: 6 weeks to 10 years
Hours of Operation: 8 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Food: Catered by "Yummy Catering"

Current Fees:

Age Daily Fee MONTLY FEE
Infants $95.50 $2,077.22
Toddlers $86.45 $1,880.18
Preschool $60.39 $1,313.58
Kindergarten BEFORE School $13.26  
Kindergarten AFTER School $26.52  
Kindergarten BEFORE and AFTER $30.60  
Kindergarten Other* $40.80  
School Age AFTER School $24.48  
School Age BEFORE and AFTER $29.58  
School Age Other* $36.72  

* Other - are non-instructional school days and include: PA Days, December Break, March Break, Summer

Priority for enrolment at the centre:

  • Employee/student at George Brown
  • Date of application
  • Age of child (to maintain varied age groups)
  • Siblings in the centre

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