Women Transitioning to Trades and Employment Program


Women Transitioning to Trades and Employment


Community Partnerships Office


230 Richmond Street East


The Women Transitioning to Trades and Employment is a part-time 12 week Trades and Career Preparation (TCP) program




Program graduates will receive 7 Ministry approved certifications required for work in construction trades


2021 - 2022


Workshop series, hands-on training and certification, pre-apprenticeships and other

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Program Description

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Funded by the Province of Ontario, George Brown College’s Women Transitioning to Trades & Employment (WTTE) is an innovative, integrated, and supportive Trades and Career Preparation program for women and gender non-binary, trans, and 2-spirit peoples who are:

  • Looking for stable employment
  • Interested in trades and construction related fields
  • Able to commit to a full-time training/education program

We know that although the trades offer well-paying jobs and flexible employment opportunities, women and gender non-binary, trans, and 2-spirit peoples are still highly absent from this sector. Together with the strong support of our community and industry partners, this program is designed to increase the number of people from under-represented groups entering and being successful in the trades.

Through its very focused and supported delivery model, WTTE will prepare participants who are living on low incomes for success in post-secondary and apprenticeship training programs in many sectors.


WTTE includes a 12 week part-time  Career Planning and Trades Preparation (TCP) workshop and certification series. Participants will pursue a variety of options to be determined once they complete the TCP.

Careers and Post-Graduate Study Opportunities

Possible pathways and activities upon completion of the TCP include:

  • Pre-apprenticeship programs
  • Post-secondary certificate programs
  • Driving lessons and certification
  • Work Placements (paid and unpaid)
  • Apprenticeship
  • Employment

In addition to pre-apprenticeship/apprenticeship and George Brown certificate programs, WTTE will include wrap around supports, advocacy, and coaching and mentorship from tradeswomen and graduates of our program.

Student Success Stories

”My social anxieties kept me from a lot of progress. I did not like the idea of school. After being laid off and going to a Times Change orientation I was put in touch with the WTTE program and everything changed. I found women who were like me and we went back to school together to imagine our futures without the anxieties and self-doubt that kept us in lower paying jobs. I discovered I still love math and science, was able to get into a construction engineering 2-year certification at George Brown College, and am enjoying it immensely. We deserve what we work for. Sometimes growing pains are difficult but there is a lot of support in this program. I always reassured that my efforts are worth it.” – WTTE Grad.

After graduating WTTE I enrolled in Electrical Techniques at George Brown. I made it on the Deans' list. With WTTE's support I was really care-free during my study, which I think contributed to me getting high grades. Unfortunately, life happened again, so I had to withdraw from the program in the second term. I was heartbroken as I was very successful and could have a great future as an electrician, but I had to stop as my financial status was very tight I couldn't make ends meet. I got a job as a superintendent for one year, and then I was promoted to administrative coordinator. I wasn't satisfied, as an old dream visited me again and I had to follow it because it was time. I always wanted to be a physician since a young age but my family didn't allow me to go into medicine; they do not allow women in such a field. Now I am a pre-med and working my way to be a medical student. Maybe my journey is not a typical outcome that is expected from a program like WTTE, but to me, WTTE has helped in paving the road for me to take on a new milestone in achieving my dream to become a physician. – WTTF Grad.

Tuition and Fees

There are no fees. This program is funded by the Province of Ontario. It is not eligible for OSAP funding.

How to Qualify and Apply

Eligible applicants will:

  • Be living on a low income, including those on OW/ODSP.
  • Identify as women, gender non-binary or 2-Spirit people from all cultural backgrounds
  • Be able to attend online and face-to-face training
  • Have connections to supports and services in the community.

Participants complete a 12 week part-time Trades and Career Preparation (TCP) program that includes 7 certifications required for work in construction and trades, and create a personal action plan that will outline their next steps to prepare for employment. WTTE staff and project partners will work collaboratively with participants to help them accomplish their goals.

Contact Us

WTTE will begin recruiting in mid-April for our next cohort. To keep informed about information sessions, please contact wtte@georgebrown.ca.