ESL 9070 - Pronunciation and Fluency Course

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This course is for ESL students of intermediate or advanced levels. The main purpose of this course is to help students learn how to communicate more clearly and effectively by helping them recognize and understand the differences between the way English is written and the way it is spoken. Thus, the purpose of this course is three-fold: (1) improve students’ understanding of the rules of relaxed speech, (2) learn how relaxed speech is used with vocabulary and expressions from everyday language, and (3) improve their comprehensibility by providing opportunities to apply and practice these rules, vocabulary and expressions through drills and exercises in the classroom and the language laboratory. Its focus is on improvements in the suprasegmentals of English, such as stress, rhythm and intonation with a strong emphasis on the way English is written and the way it is spoken.

Recommended: You are best to have high-intermediate or advanced English skills prior to taking this course.

Fee: $324
Hours: 40

Fall 2024 Semester

CRNDateDayTimeDelivery MethodRegistration
1628416Sep24-11Nov24Mon & Wed6:30 – 9:00pm

Room 316 at 341 King St E