This course introduces students to critical analyses of abridged authentic college-level academic texts. Through the integration of reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills, you will learn how to break the text down into sections, summarize the main ideas and supporting details, and paraphrase. You will write a summary using appropriate and consistent tenses, punctuation, and organizational format. You will also engage in conversations with peers and deliver a presentation applying the appropriate presentation style and formality for an academic presentation.

Prerequisites: You must have completed ESL 9067 or have the equivalent English placement test result.

Fee: $382 (the course fees include educational resources)
Hours: 50

Winter 2024 Semester

Session 1 – January 16 - February 23, 2024

CRNDateDayTimeHybrid Delivery MethodRegistration
5487216Jan24 - 23Feb24Tue, Thu + Fri6:00 – 9:00pmRoom 370 at 341 King St E + onlineREGISTER ONLINE

Session 2 – March 12 - April 19, 2024

CRNDateDayTimeHybrid Delivery MethodRegistration
5489412Mar24 - 19Apr24Tue, Thu + Fri6:00 – 9:00pmRoom 370 at 341 King St E + onlineREGISTER ONLINE

Note: Each week includes 50 minutes of asynchronous learning. All Friday classes run online and are scheduled every second week on the following dates: 

Session 1: Jan 26, Feb 9, Feb 23
Session 2: Mar 22, Apr 5, Apr 19