ESL 9064 - Listening and Persuasive Speech Course

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This course helps you develop your conversational English skills and improve your fluency in English overall. Students learn how to handle questions and answers more skillfully, how to present ideas orally, how to disagree respectfully, and how to manage conversations sensitively. This is done by providing content-based language learning making use of authentic and adapted materials. Students take responsibility for their own learning by participating in learner-centered activities. Notes: Since there is no formal instruction in grammar in this course, you should register in the appropriate ESL beginner or intermediate class (depending on your interview results) if you have grammar problems.

Recommended: You are best to have high-intermediate or advanced English skills prior to taking this course.

Fee: $324
Hours: 40

Fall 2024 Semester

CRNDateDayTimeDELIVERY METHODRegistration Place
1628516Sep24-11Nov24Mon & Wed6:30 – 9:00pm

Room 315 at 341 King St E

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