Student Residence – The Residence Life Team

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The Residence Life Team helps promote personal and academic growth, extending the educational experience beyond the classroom and lecture halls.

Residence Life Team?

Resident Advisors (RAs)

Resident Advisors are student staff leaders who live at residence and generally work in the evenings and during orientation. They host frequent social events, take rounds of the building at night, and always have time to talk with students who need to chat or want to share a great idea. You’ll find that our RAs consistently help spread positivity and spirit to ensure the students stays connected with one another to get the most out of their residence experience. There is always a Resident Advisor around in the evenings, as they rotate shifts throughout the week. So be sure to stop by the Residence Life Office to catch a movie, play some vids, help with an event, or just to say hello!

Residence Life Coordinators (RLCs)

Residence Life Coordinators are professional staff who live on site and lead the team of Residence Advisors. They help set the direction for community building programs, meet with students as needed, and are always on call. RLCs are an incredible window to resources found at George Brown College, the greater community, and within residence. With an incredible passion for community building and supporting student involvement, this group of professionals work incredibly hard to ensure each resident has the opportunity to get the most out of their residence experience. You’ll be sure to see them during orientation and they will be available to you throughout the year. They are both highly trained and passionate about the wellbeing and development of each and every student, so don’t be shy about stopping by for a chat!